I prefer my stinky goodness to be juicy. The Purrfectly Fish that I got to have before Little Isis came along was fish in juice: yum. Now since we go through so much stinky goodness with two of us here, and Not The Mama trying to stick to a budget, we have to eat Whiskas pouches of stinky goodness with gravy. He says it's more economical or something. I have a solution to this dilemma: does anyone want one tiny rambunctious shop kitten, slightly used?
(Not The Mama interjects: "Nice try, Jaz")
Oh well...
Hope you all have a gravy-licious day.
~ Jazper.

Mo and The Purries


  1. I think Graby sounds very, very delicious! My prescription Stinky Goodness is not very scrumptious.

  2. it's hard ta get ridda kittens. I couldn't convince the Lady to unload ours either, but then I changed my mind. do you know how GOOD kitten crunchies are? mmm! plus, we usta get 2 cans of food per day fur the 3 of us, an now we get 6 per day fur 5 of us! mmm!

  3. I think the gravy sounds wonderful. However, I do think that you are right--the other cat must go so you can have more food.

  4. That's cute. Getting rid of your playmate to have your stinky goodness in juice bacl. Shame on you. Have a purrfect MM. :)

  5. "tiny rambunctious shop kitten, slightly used"
    Bwahahahahaha! Giving away Isis? Like that will happen,hahahaha!!
    I'm sure you can have the juice as a treat once in a bit ;)

  6. Well I would love to have a kitten of my very own, but Dad says no. Jaz, if you want a break from Isis, she can come over and play while you get a nap.

    Your friend


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