13 Things People Said About Little Isis

Thirteen Things customers have said recently
at The Wren's Nest about Little Isis:

  1. "She sure has big eyes!" Yep, big eyes. All the better to see the dangly bits hanging down from your purse with, lady.
  2. Pointing to Jazper, "Is that the momma?" Don't you just want to slap some people?
  3. "I thought your cat was bigger." And he has stripes, and little white feet. And weighs about ten times more than her. In other words, totally different cats, doofus!
  4. "We just came in to see the cat that's in your window." Can you buy something while you're here?
  5. "How old is she?" This is the # 1 question. I can only imagine how tired parents get of this question with their infants. What difference does it make? She's a kitten. But people ask this about Jazper all the time, too. Sometimes I think it's just people's way of starting a conversation.
  6. "There's not a speck of white on her!" She actually does have two white hairs - one on top of her head, and one on her neck, but you have to be close to notice they're attached.
  7. "Look at those orange eyes..." Yep, those eyes captivate people.
  8. "She'd make a great Halloween kitty." She was!
  9. "I've got a couple barn cats that look just like it, want me to bring them by?" Um, no. Does this look like the Humane Society?
  10. "Wook at da widdle poodin" No comment.
  11. "Can I take her home?" Um, no.
  12. "Don't pull the kittie's tail, honey!" Fortunately, Isis has lots of places to hide from toddlers.
  13. "She sure has big eyes!" Along with "how old is she?" this is the most frequent comment we get regarding her.
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Mo and The Purries


  1. i still think she is my cat... drat!

    smiles, auntie bee

  2. I guess that's why patience is a virtue. Sigh.

    Isis is one beautiful girl, though.

  3. I don't understand why humans insist in engaging in "baby talk" with us. It's hard enough to understand the species half the time but to have them resort to an entirely different language is absurd. I speak kitten to you, why do you speak baby to me?

  4. "I thought your cat was bigger" Oh brother! People can be very ridiculous. Or they need glasses.

  5. She sure has big eyes, and how old is she Mo. Bwahahahahahah. Great TT and it made be smile. Have a great TT and a big hug coming your way. Okay one for Isis too. :)

  6. She is a bit of a show stopper!

  7. I still can't get over how much she looks like my Cricket! All of your kitties are adorable Not the Momma.
    Purrs and Hugs,

  8. We just think she is purrfectly beyootiful. So how old is she? hehehehe...sorry

  9. She is beautiful.She's a cat!Smart enough to avoid stupid beans :)
    Purrs Mickey

  10. We're sure glad we dont haf Bein visitors often!

  11. I don't blame people for wondering if Jazper's the mother.
    If I didn't know beforehand that Jazper was male (and didn't know the whole history of your kitty acquisitions), I admit that I'd probably ask too.
    Sure, their coats are different colors, but cats can certainly have kittens that are a variety of colors, right?

    In fact, when I see an adult cat and a kitten together, I think that's kind of a logical question to ask....


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