Callie Fostoria

Callie Fostoria was brought to The Wren's Nest today, to be fostered to find a Forever Home.
She turned up a few days ago at one of our regular customer's homes, but couldn't stay there because the lady's husband is allergic. So, the customer came to talk to me, and I agreed to foster her if she could get a clean bill of health. The vet says she's less than a year old, has been spayed, and tested negative for FEV & Leukemia. Plus, she got a round of shots today.
She's very tame & docile, and the lady who dropped her off says she's very affectionate.
At the moment, Little Isis is showing off her less-than-affectionate-side to Callie, I'm afraid...

If you are near the Southwest Michigan area (from Chicago to Toledo, or anywhere in Michigan, Illinois or Indiana) we can help arrange transport if you could give this lovely girl a Forever Home.

Mo and The Purries


  1. What a beautiful calico kitty she is!

  2. She is a beautiful cali, but calicos are not as special as BLACK Cats and LITTLE ISIS needs your love and attention too!

  3. she's GORGEOUS! we bet somebody's gonna adopt her furry fast. is Isis turning into Grr?

  4. oh she is LOVELY!!!

    smiles, auntie bee

  5. What a pretty cat. Too bad someone went to the expense of having her spayed only to turn her out. I hope she finds a much better home :)
    Purrs Mickey

  6. Oh, is she cuddly? She looks so sweet. I only have 3. Husband says that's enough. :(
    I wish I could. I hope she finds a forever home soon.
    Hugs and Purrs Pretty Kitties,

  7. Oh my goodness! Callie is gorgeous! Meowm and I will purray for her to find a good loving home soon! And bless you for taking her in and fostering her!

  8. NTM, you have the kindest heart in the world. Callie is awfully pretty, too, I'm sure she will find her forever home soon.

    Maybe Isis will come around a little, when she realizes that you still love her.

  9. I'm sure some one will give her a great furever home!

  10. Precious little sweetie aint' she

  11. Just a thought - you could make her a Catster profile in the adoptable section. I actually got a response for Lucy that way.

  12. Callie is soooooo pretty.
    We are purrring for her to get a purrrrfect forever home!

  13. She's beeyoutiful! Calicos usually go quickly for adoption. Good luck!

    Luf, Us

  14. If I were anywhere near Michigan, I'd run right over and adopt her but I'm afraid Connecticut is a bit too far to go no matter how gorgeous she is.

    Best of luck to her and you have a heart of gold, Not The Mama!

  15. Oh Morgan I am happy you are in your new digs now and Chloe is much back to normal!
    Little Callie is a treasure I would adore to have...Miss Peach insists on being an only girl in this house!
    Much love and hugs to your golden heart! Karla & Miss Peach

  16. I'm in Michigan.. but hubby says we have enough furbabies. I would love to have her though!!

  17. Callie is a beauty for sure. Beside her obvious physical beauty, there is something in her expression that shows she is very special. NTM is an angel for taking her in.
    Maybe some of you nearby that can't take her know of a family that would love a cat?
    Calico cats are very special and she is such a pretty example of a purr-fect Calico. Look at those eyes.
    Hee hee, had to laugh at Grr, Midnight & Cocoa's comment, "is Isis turning into Grr".
    ML (Mary Lynn)

  18. What a beautiful girl. The timing is not quite right (as we are still three and do not wish to stress Georgia) and the location is not right (who wants to travel all the way to the west coast?!) but we would love to have her--as we love having calicos in the house! They're feisty!

  19. Anonymous1:18 PM

    What a beautiful young lady! And she looks soooooo sweet!

  20. She is a beauty. I hope someone can give her a home soon. Tell Isis to behave. She is still the queen of the Wren's Nest. Big hug and catnip to all. :)

  21. She IS beautiful. :)
    Here's to hoping she finds a fuuuuurever home soon.

  22. I hope Callie finds her forever home soon! She is very pretty.
    Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

  23. Callie is beautiful and she has such a sweet expression. I hope she finds a forever home soon.


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