Isis Update

How does such a HUGE voice come out of such a little kitty?
This, and other sanity-devouring questions echoed in my brain this past week, as Isis entered her second heat cycle. The thing is - she was scheduled to go in for her ladygardenectomy last Tuesday morning - and on Monday she went into heat. I called the V-E-T's office, and they said that they preferred, for the health of the cat, to NOT operate while they are in an active heat cycle. So, we're "postponed" right now...
This new doctor comes recommended (not the one I'd taken Ubee to) and I want what's best for Little Isis, of course. I only wish that the V-E-T who took care of Daphne & Chloe wasn't so far, far away now - Dr. Carl is an awesome feline doc!
To keep Little Isis from trying to get out the front door of the shop (and to deter Jazper's "overly" friendly overtures) while in heat, Isis spent several days upstairs in the apartment. Only Isis was happy about this situation. She LOVED every minute! Even though Daphne & Chloe growled and chased her, and Spooker growled and hissed and thwapped her. Unfortunately, Isis loves attention. And approval. She just could NOT understand why following around Spooker like a love-struck puppy dog was a bad thing.
After a week, though, Daphne's chasing was more playful than sinister, Chloe actually played with her, and Spooker decided to ignore the new interloper unless she got right in her hissy face.
For her part, Isis has the best of both worlds. Starting Monday morning, when I came down to work, Isis jumped up on my shoulder and did her "monkey-ride" down to the store. She jumped down and tackled Jazper, and he licked her ears, and they played together.
At closing time, she jumps up on my shoulder and rides back up stairs! This way, she is thoroughly entertained (she's watching leaves blow by the store display windows today since it's so windy) and she gets to snuggle with me in the evening on the sofa. Also, during the day, she gets stinky goodness down in the store (the girls upstairs are on Iams-kibble only, because of Spooker's sensitive tummy), and I'm trying to get her to eat as much as she can, because now she's 9 months old and still SO tiny!
I guess that's all the Little Isis news for now.
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  1. Well, that's something else I didn't know about kittens. So you just get to cope until she can get her ladygarden-ectomy.
    I hope Faith-Boo isn't in heat. I calculated, she should be 5 months old, that's probably too soon. She is due to have surgery tomorrow, along with the three boys. Hopefully they won't have to postpone her surgery. Although once the three boys are taken care of, it should quiet down here big time.
    I'll bet Isis riding up and down the stairs on your shoulder is pretty darn cute.

  2. little Isis, it sounds like life is good for you wif Not The Mama. well, except the being in heat part. riding up and down the stairs on a shoulder sounds like fun. I would prolly kill mommy wif my 16 lbs, but Billy would prolly like it. - Miles

  3. oooh, Isis, we should be best furrends. I'm gonna be 7 months old on Friday an I'm extra tiny too. Grr calls me a runt. plus, if any human bends over (brushing teeth is one of the best ones), I leap onto their back and climb up to their shoulder. sometimes, if they won't bend over, I'll just leap anyway and I land with my claws stuck in their skin and clothes and then I climb 'em like a tree. do you do that too? it's way fun. fun rules! I love fun! I'm very bouncy an I'd like to play chase with you. sounds like you got quite a 'citing life! purrs frum yur almost twin, Riley

    pee ess: didja see me on House Panthers? I saw your collage too - it wuz beeyouteeful!

  4. Well, I suppose annoyed big sisters are better that big sisters that beat you up, huh, little Isis? :) It's so cute that she perches like a parrot on you NTM! She's a smart kitty! I'm glad everyone is adjusting and it will be even better when Isis has her "procedure".
    Purrs and Hugs'

  5. hi isis! glad you are having fun honey!

    smiles, auntie bee

  6. Well, at least someone in house is happy! :).

    Is that why they call breeding females queens?

  7. Little Isis has it made in the shade! I'll bet she will be a lot happier once she has her ladygardenectomy, too.

  8. Haha has she been yodelling songs furr you? I like to yowl in the middle of the night, but only because I feel like it. I like to sit on mum's shoulder too, but mum sez my 16lbs nearly kills her. It could be worse, it could be Eric sat up there and he's 22lbs.I don't fink his fat butt would fit on mum's or any one's shoulder though.
    Purrs furrom Flynn

  9. Hahahaha!! Some little cats is getting spoiled :)
    I hope she has her operation soon so things can settle down a bit ;) She'll still want upstairs though ,heehee
    Purrs Mickey

  10. Crap, our vet does kitties when dey are just a little under 4 mumfs old and sometimes even younger if dey is big kittens. And he'll do dem in heat too if it is a feral dat gots picked up, he sez it is better to do dat den do dem and all der kittens later. Poor Not the Mama, it's prolly harder on yoo den on Isis...

  11. I'm used to hauling birds around on my shoulders! And my Lhasa Apso used to lay on the back of the couch with her head on my shoulder.
    At least cats don't leave poop on you!

  12. I am glad Isis is calming down now. All that hissing and yowling would interrupt my napping.

  13. My Bean always wonders where the volumn control knob is on the kitteh when we get in the car to go to the vet. Thanks for the update on little Isis!

  14. Isis, I think you worked Not the Mama really well here. Good for you honey. Have a purrfect day you little doll you. :)

  15. So you have a talker on your Winnie howled like that when she was in heat. She was going into heat every 3-4 weeks. She started early also. We had her taken car of, and she was much better after that. She just went on and on pacing the house. It drove us crazy. I felt so sorry for her. Unfortunately she had to be taken back to the shelter, after a serious surgery I had, she started to bite me and jump on my back and just hang there. I even have scars from it. They think she was upset because I was on bedrest and couldn't play. I was heartbroken when my hubby took her back. They found her a good home right with children to help with her playfulness. I miss her till this day. After 6 months we decided to adopt again. We have had our Boo for almost 2 years now. She is a blessing and was spayed before we brought her home.
    Good luck getting through this heat Isis...I will pray for a easy proceedure and recovery for you, and Boo will too.

    Kimmie and Boo

  16. Yup, females in heat are no fun. And the intact males around them aren't too great either. Vets will do them while in heat, but charge more because it's a more difficult procedure since the reproductive organs are engorged with blood. The rescue group I was with worked with vets who did early spay/neuters; when the kittens got to be 2 lbs. That's controversial though because some vets say that other vets don't get all the "parts" and the cats can still get some hormones from those "parts". And then some cats are so bad that they have to have a second operation later. But, unfortunately, it is also the only way that groups can ensure the kittens are fixed before adoption, and don't start reproducing in their new homes. People always want teeny tiny kittens. They don't want one that is 4 months old and getting lanky and being a teen-ager already. Arrggghhhh. Ok, I'll get off my soapbox.

    Luf, Maw


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