Mini Midnight Monday

Yesterday afternoon, Jazper decided he was coming upstairs to scope out the apartment. Of course the little monkey Isis had to jump up on my shoulder and come along.
Since it would be a supervised visitation, I figured I'd see how everyone reacted with each other.
Jaz lasted about 3 minutes - Daphne hissed at him and the big man cat high-tailed it to the door.
Isis, however, surprised all of us. She wasn't about to let any old hissy girls stand in the way of her sniffing and snooping. She inspected every shelf of everything she could reach and then snooped some more. Eventually she plopped exhausted on top of the pile of Chloe's tissue (from the Forty Paws hammock package) and Chloe sat there staring at her while she napped.
Then Bessie came over for dinner and a movie, and Isis decided that she was going to try out being a "lap kitty" - all in all, she was upstairs for about ten hours!
This morning, of course, she's singing at the back door, ready to do some more 'sploring!
Hope everyone has a Safe & Happy St. Patty's Day!
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  1. way ta go little Panther girl! don't let hissy kitties push you around. you can be Queen of the downstairs AND the upstairs if you work it right. purrrrrs!

  2. What a great adventure you had, Isis! :)

    Happy St. Patrick's Day! :)

  3. Maybe Isis wants some big sisters. :) Poor Jazper!
    Hugs and Purrs Kitties,

  4. That Isis is a "Can do!" kinda girl!

  5. Wow, Isis! Way to go!

    Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

  6. Good for you Isis. Don't let those other girls tell you what to do. You have a purrfect St. Patrick's Day too. :)

  7. How cool for Isis. I am very proud of her try standing her ground and trying things out! Way to go girrrrl!

  8. Hooray for Isis! You go, girl!

    And Happy Saint Patrick's Day to all.

  9. isis rocks!!!

    smiles, auntie o'bee

  10. Ummmmmmmmmm,I think ya might have started something! Heeheehee :)
    Purrs Mickey

  11. Isis is quite the little Alpha cat isn't she?! Good for her!

  12. Happy St Patrick's Day!

  13. Sounds like Isis had quite an adventure :)

  14. It's got to be the eyes - she hypnotizes them.

  15. How cute!

    (Note to self: Dress up as Bessie, then invite self over for dinner and movie)

  16. way to go little panther queen Isis! you are so brave. cute cute cute

  17. Miss Isis cracked me up on Saturday. Pardon me, Caturday. She was flopped over in that sunbeam like a switch had been turned off. She struck me as quite the little lady.

    Unlike Spooker who I am now determined to win over. She's a challange. LOL! Pretty girl would have happily shredded me and urinated on the shreds. Of course I find that wonderfully protective and wonderful. Snort.

  18. WOOF! Way to go!

    I wonder if you´d like to come over and play with me?


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