Hello friends,
Last evening, Not The Mama and Little Isis came home from work, and we all took a nap together.
NTM said he was headachey, and the cool dark of our bedroom and a nap, plus all us purrin' helped.
Me & Chloe slept on his hands by his head, and Spooker stretched out along his side, and Little Isis stretched out on the other pillow.
Family naps are fun. Until someone who shall remain Isis woke up Not The Mama by playing hockey in the kitchen with a food bowl.
Meow for now,
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Mo and The Purries


  1. I like taking naps with my Mommie!

  2. Why is it always Isis that is into mischief? Just because. Nappies are wonderful aren't they? Have a purrfect day. :)

  3. Napping with my Mum is one of my most favourite things! My Mum LOVES it too.

    Sometimes when my Mum has had a hard day we stretch out on the recliner in the living room, cover up with a quilt and then put the quilt over our heads and nap - it is just wonderful! It is like a little tent for us to sleep in : )

    I hope NTM headach is better.

  4. Oh, naps with kitties are the best naps ever! I need one today and Cricket is upstairs waiting. :)
    Feel better NTM!
    Hugs and Purrs,

  5. i love naps and sometimes sarge will take one with me. that is a good thing. he does not usually wake me up playing with his food bowl either...

    smiles, auntie bee

  6. Hungry tummies seem to trump naps every time!

  7. Napping wif Not the Mama is a good thing - it's nice that you maded him feel better!!!

  8. Oh I am glad you made Not the Mama feel better. I bet that whoever made the noise was just seeing if he still felt badly or was all better.

  9. Yup,little cats don't want to stay put for long.They need to get into mischief :)
    Purrs Mickey

  10. Naps with the beans is fun! Plus healing to the beans sometimes.

  11. Family naps are great!

  12. Aw, family nappies are the best! We loves napping with our Mommy.

    We hope NTM is feeling better.

    Us x


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