Abstract Doodle Not The Mama:
Intersection Introspection

Okay, I can't get much more "abstract" than this....
This is me, Not The Mama, in abstract form...
Each circle represents a part of my current life:
Dark blue is blogging, red is Cat Friends Helping Friends.
Light blue is my life off-line with my kitties,
and yellow is my friends.
The lavender smile in the middle is my soul,
where all intersects.

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Mo and The Purries


  1. the Lady sez that's furry sweet. we see yur blogging circle looks biggest. bet if the Lady did one of those things she'd haf a gigundous circle called WERK. yuk. we dunno whut werk is, but it keeps us frum getting dinner on time.

  2. That's very cute! But I think the yellow circle is really much, much biggerer.

  3. Not the Mama, this is very deep!

    I loved your Doodle for Charity, it was so much fun to see all the different doodles and to see how wonderful some beans can draw and how....ummmmm....some beans like my Mum really try : )

  4. Anonymous8:07 PM

    We enjoyed catching the 'Doodle bug' too, if only to see Mom struggle! hahaha!

  5. Wow, NTM. I can tell that you really put a lot of thought into that! I think it's very cool and it's more than a doodle because there is so much meaning to it. :)
    Or maybe I'm just really tired and you think I'm really weird. That works too.
    Hugs to you and the Kitties,

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  7. That is furry deep Not the Mama.

  8. I think that's an excellent doodle. I am not however certain I would recognize you on the street...

  9. Wow, very abstract!

  10. Very nice. We of course love abstraction!

  11. That's a grate doodle an deep interpurrtation. My deepest thots are bout gettin unner the covers wif Mom! Purrs!


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