Spooker's Bio

Name: Spooker
Middle Name: Marie, but this is only used when I'm in trouble, so it's hardly never ever never used. Nope, you never hear "Spooker Marie!" in my home!
Age: A Lady never tells.
Birthday: February, I'm a Pisces. This means I like to play in my water bowl.
Gotcha Day: May 10
Rainbow Bridge: February 27, 2014
Where I Came From: I was left in a shoe box at a shelter in Dayton, Ohio. They called me "Grady" but when Not The Mama saw me he called me Spooker. I've been with Not The Mama through several moves, from an apartment to a house, then to a condo (all in Ohio) then up to Michigan to a house (this is where the Interlopers came into my life) and then to an apartment in Michigan, and now to a house in Florida!
Breed: Russian Blue
Coloring: Grey, blue-grey. With eyes that can be green one minute and gold the next.
Nick-name Not The Mama calls me: Pooh. We only use that name in private, so don't tell anyone, you understand?
Relationship Status: A long-term relationship with my heated bed.
Pet Peeve: Little Isis.
Favorite place to sleep in the bedroom: If Not The Mama's not home, then in my heated bed. If he's in bed, then I have to be in bed with him. I have my own pillow that I sleep on next to him, but sometimes he wraps his arm around me and we snuggle.
Favorite Things: Sunbeams
Favorite Toy: Little catnip squares, that are kind of like flat nip raviolis. I like to lick 'em.
Favorite Color: Purple!
Interesting Tidbit:
I used to be possessed by the spirit of a terrier and I would bark. You can read more about that and the rest of my life before Michigan by clicking here.

You can see more pics of Spooker by visiting her photo set on Flickr.

Mo and The Purries


  1. you are adorable spooker!

    smiles, auntie bee

  2. Hahahahaha! Spooker, you are one amazing ladycat!

  3. Oh Spooker, being a Pisces is wonderful! I'm one too!

  4. I'm glad you are no longer possessed. Cats barking is not a good thing. What a little cutie you are too. :)

  5. Oh Spooker, you are such a cool kitty. I also clicked on the link to learn more about you. I'm so glad you have such a loving family! (even if the Interlopers drive you wild)

  6. Spooker, you are a very beautiful lady cat, your eyes and furs are just gorgeous.
    Really enjoyed reading your bio and getting to click to access the rest of the info.

  7. Anonymous12:46 PM

    Spooker is a much more gooder anme than Grady...

    I'm with you about sunbeams...and I'm a hooman bean!

  8. Spooker, I think your soft blue-gray furs look beautiful!

  9. Grr and Cocoa like to sleep with their purrson's arm around them too. Are the little catnip squares you're talking about like the catnip infused disks that are supposed to replace loose nip in nip toys? The Lady saw some of those yesterday and was wondering if they were worth getting.

  10. Anonymous4:33 PM

    Channeling a terrier, eh> Way cool, Spooker!

  11. I'm glad you're not possessed any longer, Spooker! Sunbeams are the best, aren't they?

  12. I like to snuggle with Mom. I did not always do that.Now it is so nice :)I also like purple.My Gizzy is purple :) I like your furs ,bet they are soft :)
    Purrs Mickey

  13. Oh we would nefer call ya "poo-poo" poo-poo. Oops...

  14. Spookers! You are darling!

  15. Oh Spooker I bet you are a snuggly bit of comfort at night. You have been with NTM a long time honey. You're pretty special!
    I'm going to read about you from the link now.
    Love and Hugs,


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