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Firefox Logo Hey there Firefox users - here's a little tip I've learned through Entrecard that you can use anywhere on the internet!
To bring up multiple tabs, hold down the control (ctrl) button and then use your mouse to click on multiple links. Then you simply visit the sites through the tabs on your browser across the top of your screen, clicking on the little red X when you're done with that page, and another pops right up! A great way to visit lots of sites quickly and efficiently!
I use this in many applications - from my Entrecard dashboard, I go across and ctrl/click the most recent droppers and reciprocate drops.

You can also use it in lists of links, like at someone's linky box or even a blogroll. Try it out with the Entrecat blog roll over in the sidebar!

If you're an IE user, I have no idea if this works for you or not.
Let me know if this tip works for you!
Not The Mama
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Mo and The Purries


  1. Yes, this works on Firefox, Thanks Mo!

  2. I only just learned about that trick a few weeks ago! It is a great timesaver.

  3. Mo, Funge Sway, bwahahahahaha!

  4. Love it Mo. Thanks for the tip. You rock. Big hug. :)

  5. I use the tab funtion all the time. If you click a link with the little scrollie ball thing in the center of your mouse, it automatically opens in a new tab.


  6. Awesome! :)

    Thanks for the tip, Mo!!

  7. Firefox is great isn't it?? Love it. We knew that trick before, it's awesome.

  8. HEY! It wurks in IE too! Fanks fur tellin Mommie dat noo twick. It will mayk it eezy peezy fur her ta reed all mai fwiends bloggies now fur me.



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