Spooker Sunday

Spooker has been more affectionate than usual with me, and this morning we laid in bed and just snuggled and spent some quality time together.
Then once down in the store, Little Isis wanted to be petted and chin scritched and brushed and stayed in one place for it all! - quite unusual behavior for this short-attention-span diva. But her loud little purr and her body language told me she was enjoying the attention.
Any other cat showing more luvins than usual this weekend?
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  1. That's very funny, because this afternoon when my Mommie was taking a nap, I slept right on top of her! I never do that.

  2. Oh sometimes you just gotta have the attention, don't ya?

  3. My cat, Spunky Doodle, let me cuddle with her on the bed and rest my head on her like a pillow. Later this evening, she laid on my lap while I was on the computer which she hardly ever does! I really wish she'd come on my lap more.

  4. Anonymous10:11 PM

    Sophia would not leave me alone this weekend. Hmmmm...

  5. I would give Mom attention,but she was away all weekend!!!!!!!
    I'll snuggle when she is home ;)
    Purrs Mickey

  6. Wow, its nice to get snuggling and lovin'. Its the best.

  7. We've just been our usual selves this weekend, but Mom says all in all I'm becoming sweeter.

  8. It was in the 90's all weekend - we spent it laying on the floor like flat furry rugs.

    When the Lady's sister was here Thursday for Amanda's graduation, I was all over her. I've never met her before, but I was headbutting her like crazy and rubbing my face all over her. Then I climbed onto her shoulder and started burrowing into her hair. Rascal wouldn't come near her. He said she smelled like woofie.

  9. Gree's snuggled Mom a lot before she got married. hehe But the rest of us are just usual selves.
    Fanks for the info on Petco. I made Sanjee post it on CB too.
    your bud Pepi

  10. Cricket was extra needy whenever her and I had alone time. She purred and licked and let me pet her for several minutes. Usually I get a few strokes in before she slinks away. I think she is jealous of Toeshee and still wants to be the baby. I told her she will always be my Naughty Noodle. :)
    I guess it was just snuggle time weekend!
    Hugs and Smoochies,


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