Survived the Storm

The purries and I survived the Tornado Warning (see one post down ↓ if you haven't already), and the stress made everyone but Daphne & Isis hide to sleep.
Daphne is curled up on my feet here at the table, and Isis is in her 40 Paws Hammock, right in the middle of the floor. Spooker is in her heated cup, and Chloe is still pouting and hiding - she was NOT happy about being in a PTU.
The whole thing was nerve-wracking, but I don't regret taking everyone to the basement. Tornadoes are nothing to take lightly.
I consider it a "dry-run" drill for an emergency. Made me realize that I need at least two more PTUs, and an emergency kit for the basement. Definitely bottled water for the basement! By the time I got us all downstairs, I could have used a drink!
Do you have an emergency kit & plan that includes all members of your family?
Hope your weekend was safe & fun,
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Mo and The Purries


  1. Mum did the dungeon thing with me on Saturday. So I spent some extra time in the PTU too.

  2. SOOOOOO happy to hear you are all okay. i was worried...

    smiles, auntie bee

  3. Glad everything went OK!!!!!!
    You need to see Mr Hendrix's blog from last week. He posted on emergency supplies because they too had bad weather.
    Purrs Mickey

    PeeEss: Stay safe!! :)

  4. I am glad you are all alright. What a scary thing!

  5. We're glad efryone is OK. We had 2 tornadoes 10 miles away from us!

  6. we're glad you're okay! we've got three PTU's - two for one cat each and one that would hold two or three, if one of them wasn't Grr. guess we prolly need at least one more too. the last time the Lady tried to store bottled drinking water for emergencies, Cocoa put the bitey on the side of a gallon jug and made the laundry room very wet. we really do need to be better prepared though. thanks for reminding us.

  7. We knew the storms would hit you after crossing the lake. Glad to hear you're OK. We all hid out in the basement too!

  8. I watched the storms on radar yesterday. I had to hustle to get my windows closed. I was so relieved to see the tornado warning canceled for your county! We need more PTU's too. I should also get more flashlights. I have lots of candles of course. But, in a windy situation they would not be helpful and if they fall over, yikes!
    I'm so happy all is well and I hope the purries forgive you. :) No more storms either! My plants are going to rot if this keeps up.
    Love and Hugs,

  9. I'm glad you're all okay!


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