We love a sale!

Doctors Foster & Smith is having their biggest sale ever, according to their e-mail we got today.
For their 25th anniversary sale, they have lots and lots of cat goodies on sale!
From sherpa carriers to drinkwell fountains, there's lots of great buys.
We need to tell Not The Mama to order some more filters for our water fountain, some more cat grass seeds, and of course, some of Doctors Foster & Smith's amazing Feline Fantasia Catnip. We highly recommend that nip! Plus the canisters come with a few free toys in them, and are great for storing some nip toys too! We get the loose-leaf nip, but it also comes in a less-messy pelletized form. (Go ahead, get the big jar, you'll be glad you did!)
They also carry high-quality treats that contain NO grains, glutens or any of that crap - Chloe loves their Tuna Flakes, and Jaz can't say no to the Shrimpies. These are great for our friends who can't have wheat or corn or chicken.
We've always been 100% satisfied with everything we've ever ordered from Doctor Foster & Smith, and this is a totally un-sponsored plug (we just like shopping from their website & catalog!). Oh yeah, Not The Mama says they also have stuff for wild birds, domestic birds, aquariums, ferrets, outdoor ponds, reptiles, woofies, and even horsies! Just click the tabs at the top of the cat page!
Daphne & Chloe

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Mo and The Purries


  1. nom nom, i am totally getting the empress to buy me these!

    smiles, mr. whiskers

  2. We love Drs Foster & Smith, too!
    Thank you for the heads up on the treats. We've never tried those before.

  3. We shop there too, sometimes. They have good stuff!

  4. Yes, we have purchased stuff from them many times!

    Luf, Us


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