Ultimate Pet Food Guide: Review

The Ultimate Pet Food Guide: Everything You Need To Know About Feeding Your Dog Or Cat is a new book out by Liz Palika, that is a direct response to last year's pet food recalls, and is written to help you, as a pet owner, provide great nutrition for your four-pawed family members.
The book is sectioned into clear, concise chapters on topics like the digestive system, nutrition, commercial pet foods, home-cooked foods, raw-food diets, and supplements, and contains great recipes for you to try at home.
I found the sections on nutrition and comparing commercial foods versus home-made foods to be very informative and comprehensive, yet presented in an easy-to-read straight-forward manner.
My favorite part was on the commercially available pet foods - comparing labels and ingredients and figuring out what's really in there and what's best for your pets.
From oysters to cranberries and beyond, the recipes and supplements section amazed me: many of the recipes were mouth-watering, and the simple description of vitamins and herbs was easy to understand.
This is a great guide for anyone concerned about what our pets consume on a daily basis. Certainly with the pet food recalls and deaths from commercial food still in our minds, this book helped make sense of many issues and questions I had as a pet owner. I still feed my girls Iams kibble, even though I wish I had the time and means to make crock pot chicken and peas for them!
A quick search at Amazon revealed it's available there either new or used, and can also be found at Barnes & Noble. The author, Liz Palika, is an award-winning writer of more than fifty books, including The Ultimate Cat Treat Book, and she is the founder of Love On A Leash, a therapy dog program that brings dogs into nursing homes and hospitals. Her personal website is www.lizpalika.com
The book is published by Lifelong Books, a member of the Perseus Books Group.
I received a copy of this book in exchange for this post. My copy will be donated to Furriends Of The Cat Blogosphere, as a fund-raiser item for kitties in need.

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Mo and The Purries


  1. Thanks for the great book review! :)

  2. Does she talk about the comparison of premium foods like Wysong and Solid Gold? Also does she talk about the issues of allergies with foods that have wheat, corn and soy as part of their ingredients? What about the issues of lots of chemicals like the ever so highly promoted Science Diet (that makes every naturopathic vet cringe)?

  3. It's about time there is something like this. What a wonderful resource for pet mamas and daddies. Have a great day all. :)

  4. Cheysuli & Gemini: she doesn't really mention many brand names in the comparison - she compares top of the line foods with store brands. Science Diet is only mentioned in the context that it was one of the first developed by veterinarians.
    Allergies and chemicals (esp preservatives) are covered in detail, however.
    Very good questions, thanks!
    ~ Not The Mama

  5. Anonymous12:05 PM

    We hope they don't say anything bad about Meow Mix Seafood Medley, 'cause that's all Grayson will eat! Mom was really scared she's see that one listed during the food scare!!

  6. That sounds like a great book. Nutrition is really confusing sometimes. My Mommie thought she was doing a good thing feeding me Wysong, but then I got bladder stones! Now I have to eat stinky prescription foods FOREVER! But I still get some treats.

  7. That sounds like a very good book. We just got the post up on our auction blog for Furriends of the Cat Blogosphere, so if anyone wants to bid, it will be there until Sunday evening, when the highest bidder wins.
    Thank you so much, Morgen.
    pee ess: Any cat or woofie or bean for that matter, if you have a tendency to stones, drink bottled or filtered water only.

  8. After what poor Billie went through I really check for wheat gluten now. So far she has been doing well. This sounds like a great book because anyone, bean or furrie can develop food allergies.
    Thanks NTM!
    Hugs to you and your kids,

  9. Thanks for the book review~!
    I think it's very useful.

  10. I think I would like this book. I will go over to the Furrfriends of the Catblogsphere and take a look at the book and place a bid. Thanks NTM!
    Kimmie & Miss Boo

  11. Chicken and peas sound yummy. I sometimes leave things out or change our people recipes so that we can safely give some to the dogs but I can't see me ever having time and money to cook all meals for them. Mini really likes ground turkey and rice and it's supposed to be good for her, so she gets some of the fried rice before it gets fried. Or I save just a teensy bit of egg and scramble it without salt or pepper.

    Maybe I'll put this book on my wish list.


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