Words cannot begin to express our sorrow...

If you haven't read the sad news, you can read it
at The Cat Blogosphere.
Our condolences and prayers go to Violette Noelle's family.

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Mo and The Purries


  1. We can't believe it either ... Such a tremendous tragedy. Our purrs an' purrayers go to Monty Q an' his fambly at this terribly sad time.

  2. Mom Robyn is taking hugs (from us) with her if you leave comments on tonight's post. I thought that was such a sweet thing to do.

  3. Our softest purrs go to her fambly. This is so sad.

  4. I am very sorry Mr Mo, I read about this at Miss Daisy, so sad

  5. I'm very sorry Mo, I share your sadness. My thoughts are with you and the rest of Little Sprout's family.

  6. Mo, I'm on my way over to express condolence. Hugs and God's Blessing to you. Mike G. said that!(It's an A.A. thing of mine)

  7. This is very sad. May she rest in the arms of Our Lord. Prayers being said for her family.

    Hugs & Purrs,
    Kimmie & Miss Boo


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