Party Today!

Chloe: Thanks for joining us for our 
"While Not The Mama's away,
the kitties will Par-TAY" event!!!
Daphne: There's a punch bowl full of nip lemonade:

catnip tea w lime Pictures, Images and Photos

Chloe: And lots of shrimpies:

Spooker: Super-fresh sushi:
sushi Pictures, Images and Photos

Jazper: And goodies from the grill:
Memorial Day Cook Pictures, Images and Photos

Isis: And of course, a pinata!

Petey: Hey, guys, how long do I hafta stay inside this donkey?
Chloe: Okay, everyone, grab a stick and let's party!

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Mo and The Purries


  1. I'm here to enjoy before I start in on our house trashing. I hope everyone will follow me home... although I did not make such nice treats or anything...

  2. We are here to help you trash the house while Not The Mama is away! You have some great food and as soon as we have a bite we'll start trashing!! Got any curtains? We also brought our duck buddies Jo and Moe and they really are messy!! Thanks for inviting us and we see that Chey & Gemini are having one on Saturday! Wowie!! Let's get started!!
    Yer scurvey FL maties,
    Capt'n Kat Backstabber n' Black Blood n' Guts

  3. ARrrrg! Us pirates are comin' over to trash yer house and grab yer booty!

  4. Oh, can I be the one to bunny kick the pinata open??? Pretty please? :)

  5. Anonymous5:12 AM

    Petey! You get out of the pinata right away! :snickers:

  6. Garrrr we be visiting furr the house trashing, but furrst we eat. Garrr nip lemonade? We pirates drink nip rum by the barrel. Yohoho.

  7. Arrrrr, mateys! We be har to trash yer house! Pirate style!

    Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum niptinis!!

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey

  8. Anonymous9:40 AM

    be sure to clean up before NTM gets home. I think you may be able to get away with this without him knowing.


    Looks like a fun party. Can I have one of the grill skewers?

    Poor Petey in the pinata... poor kitty....

  9. PAR-TAY! Can we scratch the couch and put the bitey on the TP? hee hee

  10. WOOHOOOOOOO! Lets get nipped an shred sum curtins. Jus wun kwestyun. Why iz da pinata meowins???

  11. I'm too young for nip lemonade but I'll start the house trashing! Poor Petey...

  12. oboy! what fun!!! now where's my stick???

    smiles, auntie bee

  13. We be here to trash da house and haf some fun. Why is dat pinata moving on it's own? Oh man, Petey get out of der afore somecat whaps yoo wif da stick!

  14. Woooohoooo! We are here and raring to go. Buddy, check and see if there are any ceiling fans or light fixtures in need of "cleaning." Sararitan, stand up and empty the top bookshelf. Merci, hit the kitchen and start hiding the silverware. The rest of you cats, there's paper in the bathroom that needs shredding. I see a chair just perfect for claw sharpening. Spread out and get busy.


    Uh, Percy, Do you suppose we could try some of this food first? We don't get eats like this at home!

  15. Hey guys! Just what everyone needed..a party to relax and chill and stuff themselves silly!!!
    Petey- we'll have you outta there in no time!

  16. I'll attend the party, but I'm not trashing Not The Mama's house. I'm not getting in trouble. Nope. Have fun, but remember, Not The Mama will be home soon. You had better have things cleaned up. Just saying. :)

  17. Oh, Petey!

    That sushi looks almost too pretty to eat. But I will have some anyway. Thanks for inviting us!

  18. Me'ARRRRRRRRRRRR mateys!
    Oh my gosh, yummy foods! Oh that's better than being a pirate. Oh and that chair looks like it needs redecorating it's upholstery. We'll catch up with the Cat O'Nine Tails and Black Furball later. We got some pillaging and plundering to do here!

  19. Woo hoo! Where do we start? Purrhaps we'll start with a snack and then get on to the trashin'!

  20. Arrrr Mateys! We're here for the trashing! Aye, sniffie will smoosh the toys, Allie and Ellie be shreddin' the toilet paper. Gar, Where can I find a bottle o'tuna juice? Aye, tamir is eatin' the sushi, argh! Ahoy, hey Petey - we'll rescue you Gar.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  21. Woohooooo, let me at the plants! I can eat and dig and maybe even leave a little deposit. Then I can help shred some TP and paper towels.

  22. What's the Pinata filled with??? I hope with Temptations!!@!

  23. Wait Wait. YOU ARE IN THE DONKEY?


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