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          a. "I'm on a nip high and I'm packing heat. So watch it bud!"
           b.  "I gots a little bit of mousey caught in my teef. Anybody gotta toofpick?"

          c.  " hai - wanna sour candy??"
          d.  "Arrr! Ahoy, Matey!"

          e.  "I think I got a hair in my eye."
          f.  "Look me in the eye and ask why I'm here, Doc!"
g.  "Dis dubbelmint gum is not dubbling my plesyur."
h.  "Ahh, quit yer bitchin'. I'm movin' as fast as I can."

i.   "I yam what I yam an' that's all what I yam!"
j.  "Back-off Bozo."

k.  "Nyuck,nyuck,nyuck!!!!!!!!!"
l.  "So's I sez, That new kid really stinks!"

m.  "Ewwww....what is that I smellz?"
n.  "Aye, matey! Where's me pint o'rum?!?!?!?"

o.  "Try da sour gum he sez, is good, he sez...he's ded aye sez"
p.  "Now when I was a kitten, we walked 5 miles to school every day, in waist deep snow, uphill BOTH WAYS!"

q.  "No ones moov. I losted mai contact lens."
r.  "I can't eat all these sparkly-dots myself, come and help!"

s. "My sparlkies!"
t.  "Oh hai! Am just puttin' my furs on this red thing."
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