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Many Cat Bloggers have joined FaceBook recently, and have set up a group for the humans behind the cat blogs - which I think is great fun!
For those of you who are new to Purrchance To Dream, here's the post I put up on FaceBook to introduce us Purries:

I am the dutiful servant to six kitties now.
Spooker has been with me the longest - she's a Russian Blue, and was for many years the Glorious Center Of The Universe.
Until Daphne and Chloe came along, and shattered Spooker's only child status.
Littermates, Daphne and Chloe have a very close relationship, but both also have a close relationship with me. Daphne's a mackerel tabby, and Chloe is a calico.   Chloe's dream would be for me to carry her around 24/7, while Daphne sometimes has difficulty expressing affection.
In my shop, there is Jazper - he's a big tom cat who came to Michigan from Rhode Island, rescued by Cat Bloggers.  Jaz and I have taken in several strays and found them Forever Homes.
Last fall, I found a tiny black half-dead kitten in the alley behind the store: Little Isis, a tiny House Panther.
Now the plan was to get her healthy and to find a Forever Home for Isis, but she's had one minor health problem after another, and she's so tiny and petite - well, of course long before she finally was healthy enough to be spayed - she had wormed her way into my heart and my life.
I had said that 4 was more than enough, and Little Isis made 5.  So when Stinky Pete came along (again from the alley behind the store), he was supposed to just be another Foster - yeah, that lasted for all of ten minutes with him - he's SUCH a funny little guy, and he latched on to me and declared himself Prince Of The Purries.
So, now there's 7 of us: me and 6 unique kitties, making up Purrchance To Dream.
You can find individual bios of the purries by clicking on their collage graphic in the sidebar.
If you want to add me as a friend on FaceBook, this should be the link to my profile.

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Mo and The Purries


  1. Oh yeah. Just make it easy for her to get back on facebook...

  2. And we love all of you too. Yep, we do. Have a great day. Hugs all around. :)

  3. Oh good grief! I am trying to keep my Mommie from signing up, but she is wavering!

  4. Anonymous6:28 PM

    Just say no, Mom. Just say NO!

  5. I still haven't done facebook. My baby sister is on facebook now so I might cave in, but I'm on the computer so much already.

  6. I think 6 is a purrfect number! (Says the lady who has 4 and feeds strays whenever she sees them outside.)
    Love and Hugs to you all!

  7. Since we have the birds we don't have kitties now. But not to say we don't love them!
    I love to see your posts about the fur-persons - it helps. And you're the best "Not the Mama" I've ever known!


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