Family Naps

My family.  The pictures, in order ~ 
Spooker, Daphne, Chloe, Jazper, Little Isis, and Pete.  
Hope you get a nap with your family this weekend!
Not The Mama


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  1. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Nice napping! We see that Petey has already claimed a HAM-mick! Great work, little Mancat-in-training!

  2. Nice family!

  3. Anonymous11:38 AM

    the second pic looks like our first cat named,SweetPea

  4. Those are great family photos... but where is Not the Mama?!

  5. You have a beautiful family!

  6. Pete, you have found yourself in a great family. I guess you know that, but you is getting so big!

  7. I really think I love Pete, he is an awesome little dude... A hammock... wow I want a hammock.. CUTE

  8. Great photos! I like the third one. Calico cats are my favorite.

    I have some very vintage photos up for my Photo Hunt today! I hope you can get a chance to see and leave your link.

  9. Now that's the ticket. Makes me want to take a nap.

    Your peace globe from June 2008 has been placed in The Peace Globe Gallery.
    You are officially peace globe #965.
    BlogBlast For Peace ~ November 6, 2008 is going to be awesome! Please grab a badge and spread the word if you will. Hope to see you there.

  10. Those are some great photos!

  11. Little Isis appears to be cheating on her nap! What is with kids just not appreciating a good nap?!?

  12. Beautiful FAMILY!!!!!!!

    Purrs Mickey

  13. You are so very lucky to have such a beautiful family. I'm partial to your Isis, I have an Isis too :)

  14. That's a purrrfect fambly! We gotted to have some naps wif our blurpy sisser this weekend!

  15. oh wow!! thanks for letting me know about this - I love it here!

    I just went thru the bios and meandered around all the photos.

    Formerly Feral Pete looks exactly like Sheba, I got her at a shelter the day before they were going to move her somewhere not so great. She introduced herself to me by biting my wrist and then licking it - I love complex personalities!!

    She was with us for 14 years. And never bit me or anyone else ever.

    Have a wonderful Sunday!!

  16. Chloe is color-coordinated with the couch/chair and pillow! How adorable is that!
    They are all so unique and totally beautiful/handsome!!!

  17. What a grate group of poodins!

    Luf, Us


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