Crashin' the grass...

Not The Mama:  Geez...
Little Isis: Pete did it!
Not The Mama:  Oh, Pete....
Pete:  I'm heerd, Nodda Mama!  I wuv you!
Not The Mama:  I love you too, Pete.  And Isis, haven't I told you it's not nice to blame Pete for --- hey, where did you go?
Pete:  I'm stilld heerd, Nodda Mama!  I wuv you!
Not The Mama:  I love you, too, Pete.  Let's go plant some new grass, okay?
Pete:  Yay!  Yippeee! Grass! Yay!

Hope you and your family do something fun together today!
Not The Mama & The Purries

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Mo and The Purries


  1. That looks familiar.... at least you used plastic.

  2. where is pete? i don't see the little guy! bless his heart! ha ha ha

    smiles, auntie bee

  3. splain yourself not the momma. Why are you growing grass?

  4. Where is he? Is he hiding?

  5. Anonymous11:03 AM

    does the grass taste good??

  6. Isis we thinks you should haf peed on that rude mans shoes. Hard for a kitty we know, but still...... ~The Fluffy Tribe

  7. My little Isis. She is quite isn't she? Yes, she is. I love that free little spirit of hers. I love Pete and NTM too. :)

  8. Oh noes! Grass fall down and go Boom!

  9. I know! That grass is for eatin' and then yakkin'! That's good stuff!

  10. Anonymous1:23 AM

    haha Maybee somebodiie tried to pee in it? Momma tried to grow grass inside once for Mushka so she could eat it when she needed to yak.. she comes in one day to find Mushka trying to Pee in it.. wtf?? We has not had grass since lol


  11. Yay for not losing your cool, NTM! :)

    You would've been proud of me today. I spent 45 minutes with Tyler (I'm learning from Nanny 911) getting him to sit in the "naughty corner". I didn't lose my cool once! I even laughed (quietly of course) a few times as I chased him when he would run away.

    We did do something fun (afterward). We made cookies. We also had vegetable soup for dinner. I let them kiddos dump in the veggies and stir. They loved it. We had fun. It was a fun night!


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