To The Jaz Cave!

Not The Mama: Okay, Jaz, you get to go to the basement today, because we're having a big sale.  But you have to take Little Isis with you, so she's not underfoot up here with the customers.
Jazper: But the basement is MY sanctuary.
Not The Mama: This weekend, you'll just have to share.  You have your heated bed, and you already have a litter box and --
Jazper: But I already have to share everything else.  That is my space.  Can't you just put her in a drawer or something?
Not The Mama: Now, Jaz, you are so patient with her...
Jazper: Just don't forget my schedule.  Temptations at one.  Dinner at five.
Not The Mama: You're kind of cranky today.
Jazper: Expecting me to share my private retreat with that little pest...  You owe me, fat man.  You owe me big...

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Mo and The Purries


  1. Oh poor Jaz! Cody says he knows your pain. I hope Isis behaves herself.
    I'm sure NTM will make it up to you. ;)
    I hope the $$$ rolls into the shop today!
    Hugs and Purrs,

  2. NTM will make good on his debts, Jazper. I'm sure of it. :)

    I hope Isis isn't too bad for you today.

  3. OMD JAZ where are your manners!?

  4. The Jaz Cave sounds like the perfect place for a party to me. A place for hep cats to groove

    Whicky Wuudler

  5. Bwahahahahahaha... Real life meets Jaz... poor baby having to look after Isis... ha ahahhhahahahah

  6. Poor Jazper! Well, it might be worth your while if you get EXTRA Temptations for your trouble.

  7. Oh that sounds like fun. I hope Isis behaves for you!

  8. We got our incense and our wax tarts today. The house smells yummy!

  9. Ya know, I think I've had this very same conversation with Amanda about having to share with Jamie!!

  10. That is Catitude with a capital C!

  11. What a household you have NTM. I know you take very good care of each and every one of them. Have a purrfect day. Big hug to NTM. :)

  12. I think NTM needs to get you some Pit R' Pats for your trouble! They're my FAVORITE snack.

  13. I think NTM needs to get you some Pit R' Pats for your trouble! They're my FAVORITE snack.

  14. Wow, you have a heated bed? We need one!!

  15. You are a very nice guy to agree to that arrangement, Jaz--I hope you got some extra treats for having to share your private sanctuary!
    Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

  16. O, Jaz, hopefully you's gotted lotsa extra Temptashuns fur haffin little Isis in yours specshul space.
    We's gotted tha Solitudes CDs today, Mommie ML put tha Christmas Carols wif wildlife sounds fur us ta listen to.
    It made all us cats feel... wild! We had to play THoE. Really cool, she said she's gonna play it all thru tha HollyDays.
    We finks that's grrrreat.
    Love & Purrs, KC

  17. Share your pwivate space! Poor Jaz! Demand wots of tweats!


  18. I just wanted to say that I think your cats are absolutely adorable! I'm glad I found this blog. It's fun to see how much trouble other people's cats cause too!

  19. It's furry, furry hard to share ... Give it your best shot, Jazper.


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