Pet Photo Contest @ Anamigo

Okay, I will admit I'd not heard of the website Anamigo before today.
So I can only give you the link and have you explore for yourself.
They're having a Pet Photo Contest -
There's a daily prize of $25 and a weekly prize of $125, totaling $300-a-week for the cutest pet photos (voted by users). is a new online community for pet lovers and their pets. It doesn't cost a thing and all you have to do is join.
You can click on the graphic below to be taken to their website, for more details on the contest.

Mo and The Purries


  1. Oooh a photo contest! Cool!

  2. Anonymous7:51 PM

    I haves too many places to visit each day as is :(


  3. Thanks for the info. I checked it out briefly and it looks like fun!


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