Flatulent Friday

While technically he's not "Stinky Pete" any more, our little Pete Underfeet does manage to live up to his former moniker now and again.
He is about five months old now (can you believe it?!?) and he is very energetic!  This morning, he jumped up on my lap as I ate breakfast for a wrestle/cuddle and as he jumped down, he let one rip.
That was some seriously stinky stuff, there, Pete!
Daphne and Chloe's birth-mommy was a very gassy cat (seriously sometimes I would sing "Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat, What Are They Feeding You?" around Mama Mari), and I was afraid that her daughters would inherit her voluminous aromatic ways, but was very relieved that they did not.  Every once in a while Little Isis will have a tiny lady-like poot, but they are of the mostly-non-stinky variety.
Pete, on the other hand, is King Of The Silent Deadlies.

Do you have any flatulent felines in your home?
Not The Mama

In non-gas-related news, today is the birthdays of two cool Cat Blogosphere ladies.  Click on over and wish Trisha from The Cat Stephens and Karla from Miss Peach's Meowz a great big Happy Birthday!

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Mo and The Purries


  1. No flatulent felines in our home, just flatulent humans! *LOL*

    Happy Friday to you all. :)

  2. I have a dog with that problem...and some relatives too unfortunately...LOL

  3. Angel has perfected the art of delivering a genteel air biscuit directly onto a sleeping human face at close range. We have heard humans cry for eyedrops whilst we all point our paws and laff.

    A good weekend to you all


  4. Anonymous12:49 PM

    Got a pooty hubby though... and sometimes I poot...

  5. Stinky Pete, Stinky Pete! I wish I could make stinks, but Harley and I do not know how to poot. We can make smelly poops though!

  6. Anonymous3:53 PM

    No poots, here, either. Plenty of poops, though!

  7. oooh that is stinky

  8. Not many poots here. Of course their diet does help and from an acupuncture standpoint lots of gas means their digestive system could use a boost. The food may not be agreeing with him. I wonder if they make probiotics for cats?

  9. Anonymous6:53 PM

    My sisfur has never let one go, My Momma thought that kitties did never fluffed till I got here..
    We thinks maybee it is the canned food,that is the only difference between us.. but Mushkas poopies are rancid.. eewwww

  10. When we ate more stinky goodness Mom used to say that Tamir could clear a room!! We're not sure what that means....

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  11. Sometimes Speedy will poot, but, Sadie, whew! She doesn't do it offen but when she does she makes mom's eyes water. Da most flatulent thing here is dad...nuff said.

  12. No stinky kitties in my house!

  13. We don't poot very often, so maybe we need to brush up on our skills - sounds like some kitties are having fun...Our theory with Pete is that he's just trying to live up to his name...that's a lot for a little kitty to aspire to...


    Gypsy & Tasha

  14. I am laughing forever at this post. Even shared it with the Old Putter.. Ha Ha Ha ...

  15. No "frompers" here but due to the huge amount of protein I must consume each day I could clear a mall on Black Friday!
    Just what you wanted to know...

  16. Niko: YES we have a feline with that problem. That's how she got her name--it unofficially stands for CloudRIPPER!
    Cloud: Niko Tex! How dare you! That is supposed to be a secret!
    nope, we have no felines with that problem here. Hey, why is everyone holding their noses and runnign away from me??

  17. KO Ko will knock us out with his SBDs but mainly just him and the ratz if they have beans. ~Jane of the Fluffy Tribe

  18. Neither of us poot and my poops don't smell too bad, but Flynn - pheeew when he poops you need to run for cover!!!!

  19. Sometimes LC will haf a little digestion problem and ya can tell when she poots from across the house instantly!


    I think it comes from those frogs she likes ta eat!


  20. Our newest boy kitty, Mister, was somewhat gassy, but we have changed feed and that seems to agree with him more.

    Now Little Pete is very much like our Sakura. "Watch Out!" has become a mantra as she will hunch up and then do a spring loaded lead at rear ends and chests in her goal of gaining a shoulder perch. If you back is to here when one of these "flying squirrel" accrobatic maneuvers take place, it can be quite startling.

  21. Holy Cow - Severe case of sleepy fingers.

    Now Little Pete is very much like our Sakura. "Watch Out!" has become a mantra as she will hunch up and then do a spring loaded leap at rear ends or chests in her goal of gaining a shoulder perch. If your back is to her when one of these "flying squirrel" acrobatic maneuvers take place, it can be quite startling.

  22. Toeshee is the bomb dropper around here. Cricket says that nothing she does stinks. ;) Poor little Isis! I hope her itchies go away.
    Your dream sounds fun! At least it was good Willow and not evil "Bored Now" Willow. :)
    Happy Sunday evening NTM.
    Hugs to all the furbabies,

  23. Hi Not the Momma and Purrries, we have an Award for you at our Blog! Come on by and pick it up! No stinkers here!
    Your FL furiends,

  24. efurry time Billy gets all mooshy and lovey and purry he just poots and poots and poots. we think his pooter is hooked up to his purrer

  25. Hey Jazper, you are today's ManCat Monday Member at the M-Cats Club!! Come on over for some lunch! Our treat!
    Hi 5 paw,
    Mr. Tigger

  26. Oh dear! Stinky Pete!

    Whatever happened to Isis's itching issue? What did the V-E-T say?

    Luf, Us

  27. Orion can be very flatluent...but not as much now as when he first came here. And yes, they are very stinky!!!!!!

  28. Pour Pete! We can't help it - you should tryin bein where we is when da beans gets stinky! Whooo!

    Ok, sumtimes affer a really fun restlin, rollin, rubbin, lovin match, I mite pass a little gas. But hardly deadly!

  29. I have never had a gassy cat, but I have heard about them. A great big thank you, Mo, for all the work you did to make Secret Paws such a success.

  30. Uncle Mo - YOU ROCK!!!! You did a PAWSOME job with the secret paws!!! It's gonna be a GREAT secret paws again this year!!

  31. Thanks Uncle Mo for helping with Secret Paws. This is our first year participating and we are so very excited! Thanks again!
    ~The Creek Cats~

  32. Uncle Mo, Fank you soooo much for all of your hard works on Secret Paws! We are furry excited!

    No pootie kitties in our house, but super stinky poopies!


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