Fungus Among Us

Yesterday morning, I didn't even know that feline ear fungus existed.  
Today, after reading more online articles than I care to think about, I'm not worried about it, just glad I took Jaz to the vet when I did.  The vet, and what I read online, said that the feline ear fungus isn't easily transmitted from cat to cat but I'm still going to watch Little Isis for any symptoms, since she seems to be prone to "things."
She did spend some time outdoors before she got rescued, and my online research seems to point to cats that have spent time outdoors being more likely to get ear fungus. Cats that have spent time around dogs seem to be even more prone to this infection, since canines ears that flop down (cat ears are upright and have better air circulation) are more susceptible to this fungus.
Apparently the spores can lie dormant for a long time, until conditions (excess wax and moisture in the ear canal) present a good fungi habitat.  I won't scare you (or gross you out) by what I read about fungus infections that aren't treated...  let's just say that they need to be treated.
Jaz took the application on the antifungal ointment this morning like a trooper, and got Temptations afterward. The sore spot, where he scratched himself on his outer ear flap, is less red, and no longer hot to the touch.  He's curled up now, sleeping.
So - just FYI to other kitty families where the cat has spent some time out doors: if they scratch their ears more than normal, shake their heads and some fluid comes out, get it checked by a vet ASAP.  Several sites mentioned that the fluid from fungal infections would smell bad and reek, but my vet said we got to Jaz's little mushroom farm soon enough that it wasn't at that reeking stage yet.
Mites, ringworm, and bacterial infections are also some causes of feline ear distress, but this ear fungus stuff, while relatively uncommon (it's more common in dogs), is common enough to be something to watch for in your cats.

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  1. Anonymous12:27 PM

    Glad Jaz is on the mend...

  2. Hurray for jumping on that fungus before it got a grip. My humans have to clean my mangled ear once a week because the wax doesn't flow out because of all the crinkles, I'm glad they do, because I'd be a mess otherwise.

    Get well soon Jazpur!

    Whicky Wuudler

  3. Glad that Jaz's ear is responding to treatment.

    We got a Christmas card from you guys today! Thank you very much!

  4. Yuk! Glad Jaz has the medicine and is putting up with it. Purrrrrrrrrrrs!

    Hey Jaz, buddy - sorry about the claws. All of them? That's just wrong!

  5. Hi there,
    So glad Jaz's ears are on the mend. That's somefing we's didn't know about either.
    We gived you an award... check out ours bloggie...
    Love and Purrs,

  6. Thanks for the info, my Mum and I have never heard of this fungus before.

    I am glad that Jazper is getting better.

  7. We hope that Jazper is all better soon!

  8. Oh, poor Jazper baby! I'm so glad you caught it NTM. I'm so behind on my visiting, I didn't know he was having problems. :(
    I hope he's feeling perky and spiff really soon. You too with your tummy NTM.
    Hugs and Smoochies,

  9. I'm glad that Jaz will be okay and it's nothing horrible.

  10. Anonymous5:10 AM

    We are very glad the Jazper has such a good Not The Mama!

  11. Thanks for telling us about ear fungus. I have never heard of it before. Now we know what to watch for!

  12. Anonymous8:06 PM

    Oh Jaz you is lucky your dadda is a good dadda and noticed it nice and early :))
    I iz very glad you are on the mend and thank you for the info about it! :))


  13. Yuckster on the fungus among-us.

    Luf, Us

  14. Mom finded dat pictor interestink cuz in a previous life, she was studyin bean ears. Ewwww! She finks it's interestin what a long ear canal we has (frum openin to drum).
    O, gotta run! Dad just bringed in the real live dead tree!
    Purrs and healthy purrs to Jaz!
    Victor & Nina


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