Purry Logic Giveaway

We have two copies of the delightful book Purry Logic to give away.
This book, by Jane Seabrook,  is filled with wonderful feline sayings, accompanied by beautiful cat portraits. These portraits can be viewed (and original paintings purchased) at purrylogicdotcom
The review from the publisher, Ten Speed Press, says:
An all-new, all-feline collection of adorable illustrations, humorous sayings, and unadulterated cattitude from the creator of FURRY LOGIC.
Filled with wry witticisms to perk up even the most finicky cat lovers, PURRY LOGIC puts a distinctly feline twist on Jane Seabrook's popular FURRY LOGIC books. This delightful collection presents cuddly cats offering purr-worthy pick-me-ups like, "My only purpose in this life is to rest and recover from my previous lives," "If you didn't make the rules, just ignore them," and "When fat, arrange yourself in slim poses." Watercolor-painted in loving detail, Seabrook's sleek and sassy kitties remind us that the best things in life are furry.

Copies of the book are available for purchase directly from the Ten Speed Press website.

The drawing is now closed.
Our winners are = Sebastian, Yaffa and Dante from Furry Paws, and the fuzzy bunch fromGrr, Midnight and Cocoa.
Congrats to our winners!  The books will go out via US Mail this week!

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Mo and The Purries


  1. Anonymous8:38 AM

    "I'm in!" - or maybe we should say "We're in!"

  2. Anonymous10:37 AM

    I'm In...

  3. I'm In! Would love to own this book!

  4. "I'm in!"

    Is that all we have to do? This contest is easy enough for even our Lady to do! How exciting! Maybe we could win it for her for Christmas. Bet she'd be so happy, she'd break out the nip stash!

  5. I'll give my chance to the kitties but that is such a sweet face on the cover! May the best kitty win!

  6. Happy holidays, you all! I hope you have a great new year, too.

  7. We's in. I mean, I's In. I mean... I'm in! You beans talk weird.

  8. NO WAY - REALLY? That's so incredibly cool! We didn't have a purresent for the Lady on account of we don't get an allowance and we can't get to the stores anyway. Ohhhhh, we'll let you know how much nip this scores us!


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