Not The Mama's Gone To The Dogs


Don't worry, there are no woofies invading our house.  Not The Mama's friend Bessie (who makes sure we get fed when NTM is on vacation) has three dogs - one older toy poodle and two young Pomeranians.  The older one, who is a year old, is named Miss Penelope Pentwater.  I call her P.P.
The younger one is 9 months old (they are sisters but from different litters) and is Mad Madame Mimm.  
Yesterday, PP got sick and so today I helped Bessie take the Tiny Terror Twins to the vet.
The picture above is Bessie with Mimm.  I was holding PP.

PP got some stomach-bug medicine, and Mimm got her rabies shot and a thorough check-up.
Bessie didn't have collars for the girls, and the vet tech asked us that next time we have them on leashes, so afterwards we dropped the dogs back at Bessie's then went to PetSmart.  We got them matching pink harnesses and leashes, and I got a Furminator for the Purries.  I'll update you on how the Furminator goes over in another post.

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Mo and The Purries


  1. Oh purrs to them! I hope they get better soon. After all they are the perfect size to chase!!!


  2. Well, I'm glad that Not The Mama was there to help. Critters are critters and you just have to love and take care of them.

    Have a purrfect day. Big hug to NTM. :)

  3. Poms are cuties. I'm glad Bessie had you to help!

  4. Hope they get better soon! We want to try the Furminator.

  5. funny to see the pooches here..Your a nice not the Mama

  6. Anonymous10:20 PM

    haha I knowz if momma did not have us she would have a pommie, they is so loving and soft and cuddly, well the old ladies up the street was anyway.
    I hope they are all better :)) Even woofies do not deserve to be sick :))

  7. Yeah, you'd better keep those little rabble-rouser on leashes! hahaha!

  8. we's glad you was there to help--we knows you likes all kindsa furries--an' we hopes they feels tip-top soon. so the kitties kin chase 'em; given their sizes, they're an even match! ;-D


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