Coupons and a Sneak Preview

We have some PetSmart coupons that we won't use - so if you want 'em, just let us know!
(Unless you're on the CBBSC mailing list on Facebook, however - we'll need your snail mail address!)
Don't feel bad about requesting a coupon - Aunt Bessie found a roll of stamps on the ground outside the post office, and she gave us half - so we have FREE stamps!
Here's some coupons we have - all expire on 4/12/09, so tell us soon so we can gets 'em in the mail to you!
  • $10 off a full-service groom or bath at PetSmart
  • $20 off any 6 or 8-week training course
  • $5 off an overnight stay at at PetSmart Pets Hotel or Doggie Day Camp
  • $3 off any KONG stuff n'treat  when you purchase a classic KONG dog toy
  • $5 off any bag of Eukanuba dog food
  • $5 off any bag of Science Diet dog food OR case of Science Diet canned dog food
  • $5 off any bag of Pro Plan dog food
  • $1 off any Nylabond puppy product
  • $5 off a Top Fin 10 gallon aquatic starter kit

OH - and this Friday we're gonna have a special announcement here, to get ready to celebrate Spooker's upcoming Gotcha Day!  (Don't tell her, 'kay?  She's napping and doesn't know we're planning something...)
Meow for now,
Little Isis and Pete Underfeet

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Mo and The Purries


  1. That is so sweet of you to send the coupons. I don't need any of the discounts, so please send them to someone who can use them.

  2. Ooh, we wont tell Spooker. Surprises are great stuffs...

  3. Anonymous9:14 AM

    I won't say nuthin about what I don't know... tee hee!

  4. I'd love the $20 off 6-8 weeks of training!!! My 10 month old pup and I would REALLY appreciate it : )


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