Sunday Bits

Some random things in our toy basket today:
  • We have some coupons for PetSmart that they mailed to us.  There are a BUNCH for woofies = like $10 off a Groom or Bath, $20 off a 6 or 8-week training course, and $5 off an overnight stay or one session of Doggie Day Camp.   There's also a $3 OFF coupon for a Furminator.  We loves our Furminator, so you might want to try one if you have shedders in your home!  There are also some kitty crunchy coupons for Purina ONE - you get a 20 lb jug of Tidy Cats when you buy a 16 lb bag of Purina ONE, and for Fancy Feast Gourmet Gold Dry Cat Food - we don't eat Purina ONE, so if you want any of these coupons, e-mail us and we'll snail mail 'em to ya.  (Our e-mail is purr2dream at gmail dot com)  The woofy and Furminator coupons expire 4/12/09 and the Purina ONE expires 4/30/09
  • We got an e-mail about a Pet Invention Of The Week - it's a collar for woofies that has LED lights in it!  We thought it was cool, and think it would be fun (and SAFE) to walk a woofy at night with this collar on!
  • In case you didn't see it - we're now on Twitter!  You can follow our adventures at  So far, Little Isis has hogged most of our Tweets!
  • Anamigo has a Funny Pet Photo Contest going on. is a new online community for pet lovers and their pets. We have thousands of active members and have given away  over $3,500 in cash prizes.  Send in your funny pet photos to Anamigo.
  • And, our new friend Baby Patches is having a Photo Contest, too! She says: "Any kitty is welcome to join, just leave a comment on my blog, and email me your cutest spring time photo.  You can visit my blog for details… there really aren’t any restrictions or rules ~ just that you’re a Cat and a Cat Blogger!  All photos entered will be posted, and I will choose a winner on April 3.  So c’mon kitties… join the fun at Confessions of the Plume."

You can click on the graphic below to go to 
Baby Patches' contest guidelines:

Have a great Sunday!
Meow for now,
The Purries

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Mo and The Purries


  1. I wood LOVE the Fancy Feast Gourmet Gold Dry Cat Food catfood cuz that's the only dry krap I will eat. I think yoo have owr address in Castro Valley cuz yoo sent the ladey a postcard frum ware yoo live.

  2. Hi! I think your site is boo-tifuls.

    I will follows it!

    Sharyn (Human), Seamus, Yum-Yum, Ramona the Pest, and Mary Jane!

  3. Have a great day, all of you!

  4. Are you having fun on Twitter? There are tons of cats who twitter! There's even a blog called Cats Who Twitter. It's awesome.

  5. As it is, Mom's lost on FB too much already. Just say NO to Twitter, that's what we say! hmph.

  6. We shood look into that Twitter thing. I reed things about it all the time now. Hope yoo are all well! Purrs!!

  7. All the furbies are busy little beasties...Keeps 'em off the streets!

  8. I wanted to thanks you for putting up the info to the Spring Photo Contest. I gets entries every day so come see the cute kitties.


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