Wet Kitties


Yesterday, I noticed that Pete and Little Isis were hanging around the bathtub.  Apparently, I hadn't shut off the water all the way when I'd showered, and a steady little drip was coming out.  Pete was watching Isis try to thwap the water droplets, and I had to laugh because when her paw got wet, she would shake it and splash Pete.  Sorry for the picture quality - I just grabbed my cell phone to get the pic.
Pete likes to sit on the edge of the tub and shower with me, never getting fully drenched, but wet nonetheless. He leaves little wet footprints around the bathroom and washes himself as I towel off.
Do your cats like to get wet?
~ Not The Mama

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  1. Sammy likes to play in water but doesn't like getting sprayed. Festus & Emma want no part of getting wet!

  2. I like to hang around the edge of the tub but am not fond of being wet. Pinky wants nothing to do with water unless she is drinking it, or it is making bubbles.


  3. I love to play in my water bowl and drink out of glasses and play in those too. I also like to play and drink in the toilet, but I find the more I do this, the more baths I get, and also the Beans' roommate is getting much better about remembering to close the toilet lid. I don't like that and I HATE baths.
    I just drink out of my water bowl. No playing with water or drinking out of bean glasses or toilets for me, thanks.

  4. Anonymous10:34 AM


    kitty mischief!

  5. Wet me?! Do you really think any good Siamese would like WET?!

    Chey shudders...

  6. One of the cats who came before would have had a grand time with that though...

  7. Kitties + bathtub = trouble! I had a cat that used to turn herself into a contortionist to drink water out of a drippy bathroom faucet.

    Tink *~*~*

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    Florida’s Aquatic Preserves

  8. I do not enjoy playing in water, but Harley can't get enough of it! He's always splashing around in it, making a big mess, and sweeping his paws through it. We have to keep the water dish right next to the kitchen sink since he always tips it over!

  9. I sumtimes walk into the rain room beforr Momma goes in it. If I walk carefully I won't git wet. Tenny then waits for Momma to get done and she goes in to watch the hole in the flore in case the water comes bak.

    It nefur does.

  10. The new kittens insist on standing guard on the edge of the tub when anyone is doing anything obviously dangerous as bathing. On the few times they have fallen in, it gets a rather staid and grouchy, reaction akin to "Well that was awful".

  11. I likes to sit on da edge and peek thru da plastic fingy dat hangs up but I dun like to get wet. ` Molly

  12. I dont mind gettin partly wet. Sprays and drops dont bother. I haven sit at the waterbowl or the pond wif my front legs sittin inthe water.

    But I fell through the ice on ther pond manny years ago an got totally wetted. I dint like that at all. No.


  13. Zippy gets her chest and feets wet drinking outta da fawset...but dat's it. Oh, yeah, she'll sit outside in da rain too. Gess she doesn't mind getting wet...not us tho, no thank yoo furry much, we'll stay dry.

  14. Wet??????? NO!!!!!!
    Water is for drinking ;)
    Purrs Mickey

  15. I loves water! I just loves to get into the wet sink and then walk around with wet paws. And my sisfur LociLu drinks with her paw and likes to gets into the tub after momma has taken a shower. That's a great pic. Momma thinks she should take some of me splashing in the water dish.

  16. I don't have a cat, but I used to know a cat that did. It was a sweet cat that belonged to my dad's second wife and I can't seem to remember his name but he would hang out in the bathtub a lot, hoping somebody would turn on the tap so he could play.

  17. I've never had a cat that enjoyed getting wet but my former BIL used to shower with his cat all the time and the cat was quite content.
    We did have a cat that used the toilet! We always laughed and wished she could figure out how to flush!


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