Back To Our Routine

Hello furriends,
Not The Mama has been home for a couple days now, and we're getting back to our normal routine.  I tried to tell the other purries that when he returned we needed to all give him my patented Cold Shoulder, but at first sight of his petting hands, everyone else caved.
Daphne - who isn't a snuggle-bunny to start with! - she wanted snuggles right away, and of course Pete just rolls over and presents his scratchable tummy for anyone with fingers.  Even Little Isis wanted petting that first night, and Spooker practically did back-flips upon his return.
I was the only one who held out, pouting, until the next morning when Temptations were involved.  I mean, I have standards, but I also have an insatiable craving for Temptations.
As soon as I let Not The Mama pick me up after he'd showered the next morning, I knew our lives were back to normal and I started purring.
Of course, now that he's home, we never want him to leave again!  We thank Aunt Bessie for keeping an eye on us while he was gone, but you KNOW it just ain't the same without your own human bean!
Meow for now,

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Mo and The Purries


  1. I don't think you can keep him home all the time. You could go with him but you probably wouldn't like spending so much time in a carrying crate and I hear it rains a lot in London.

  2. I am glad that you held out for treats--that's always important. And I am glad that things are back to normal around there!

  3. leaving is bad. we sometimes pout for days but fortunately it rarely occurs or we would throw a fit, as should be.

  4. Looks like the Cold Shoulder fell apart! You sure knows what you want from Not The Mama ... treats are what we cats live for!

  5. It's hard to hold out...we can never do it for long...

  6. Well, you guys tried. It's just that NTM is so darned lovable! You just can't give him the cold shoulder for long!


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