Manic Monday:
Plant Some Cat Grass

We previously posted about some plants that are toxic to cats.  Today we'd like to remind you that planting some cat grass for your feline friends is a great idea!
Most cat grass is either wheatgrass or oatgrass, or a mixture of both.   Untreated yard grass seeds can also be planted in containers for indoor cats, but we've found that wheat grass has fewer yaks than regular yard grass.
Catgrass seeds can be found in packs at most pet stores, and one of the best online sources for wheatgrass seeds is CooperSeeds.
Here's a picture of Chloe and Daphne, enjoying some wheatgrass:

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Mo and The Purries


  1. Why do cats love to eat grass? I've often wondered. Also, when a dog eats grass does it mean it's sick. I remember hearing this as a child...just wonderin'.

  2. We always pull up any grass that has been planted for us.. it drives the Woman nuts...

  3. Sandusky eats grasses when he gets out! Then comes in and throws them up!

  4. Your grass looks so green and yummy. Mind if I cut in?

  5. We can also report that squirrels love catgrass and destroy it if you leave it out on the deck.

  6. I refuse to try even a single blade of grass. But Harley has never tried any, so we're going to try again and see if he likes it!

  7. Mum made me another package of grass last week. It is about half eaten. But even with this, I still want to chew on the one plant she still has!

  8. Mini eats grass sometimes but she doesn't seem to be sick. I never thought of planting some for her and I don't know if it's a good idea for dogs. I think she'd probably dig it up and play with it. She likes to dig.

  9. I dont have a cat but if I did I would plant some for it I must tell my sister-in-law she has a tigger cat who seldom ventures out


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