Pete's Bio

Name: Pete Underfeet
Birthday: approximately June 29, 2008
Gotcha Day: August 24, 2008

Went to the Rainbow Bridge: February 17, 2013

Breed: Domestic Short Hair, with a floofy tail
Coloring: black and white tuxedo
Nick-name Not The Mama calls me:  Petey.  Formerly "Stinky Pete"  But sometimes, "Oh Pete!"

Nick-name that iDaddy calls me: Peter Peter Temptation Eater
Down-under: neutered on 1/29/09
Where I Came From: the alley behind The Wren's Nest in Michigan
Pet Peeve: That I can't have Temptations when ever I want them!
Favorite place to sleep: 
  I like to sleep in a 40 Paws Ham-Mick

Favorite Toy:  anything with nip!
Favorite Color: 
browns and greens, especially if that green is cat grass!
Favorite Treats: why Temptations, of course!
Tidbit:  I love to be held by Not The Mama, and one of my most favoritest things is to have my belly scratched, and I will "touch nosies" with him, too!
Finally:  I LOVE to play FETCH with Not The Mama.  I have a collection of water bottle caps, and Not The Mama will throw them for me, and I will bring them back.  He says I must've been a puppy in a previous life, but I know I'm just the luckiest kitty there is today!

To see more pics of Pete, visit his photo set on Flickr!

Pete Bio

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Mo and The Purries


  1. Pete aren't you a little sweetie!

  2. We fnks you ought to git to go into da store too!

  3. Pete, you have a purrfect bio.

  4. Hi Pete. I liked reading your bio.

  5. You iz a pretty kitty an' a great Wednesday blogger! We ♥ comin' ta see youz. We wantz youz ta have lotz-a kitty fun taday☺ We tinks youz iz lucky ta have gotz a momma who tooked ya into da house. Kittiez outside loose der 9 lives purr-ty quick.

  6. Pete, you sure are growing into one handsome dude!

  7. I think your nickname should be "Petey the Sweetie!"

  8. Wow Petey, yoo sure is growing up handsome!

  9. Awww... you are adorable. I think Mini must have been a kitty in a previous life then, because she won't fetch. She loves to chase anything I throw but she keeps it and plays with it herself.

  10. Keep the faith, Pete. Not too much longer and you'll be a Mancat. Then all the ladies will be after you!

  11. You fell into the lap of luxury Pete!!!!

  12. Pete, you got the bestest furefur home EFUR

  13. aww my petey you too cute
    god bless you

    love you


  14. Wow Pete, you are almost the same age as our baby tuxie, Virgil(you are about a week and a half older). And Virgil likes to fetch too! I bet if you ever met you would be great friends!

  15. What a fabulous entry. Once you are a ManCat this can be your purrsonal ad for a girlcat furiend.

  16. Oh Pete - you are the cutest kitty (and look just like me!)

    Milo xxx

  17. Anonymous10:43 AM

    Pete is getting so handsome!!!!!

  18. Anonymous1:24 PM

    We enjoyed reading about you, sweet Pete. You're growing up to be a handsome, catly mancat.

  19. Pete "Underfeet", huh? That's a grate name! Yup, catnip an Temptations is sum of da bestest stuff on Earth. But Pete, you don't fetch, you's teachin Mo the grate game of Toss. Dat's da diffrince atween kitties an woofies.

  20. Awwwwww.......Pete you are a cutie!! Thanks for sharing your Bio with us!!! We gotta get Mom to do ones for us!! We love the new Header Mo!!!!
    Your FL furiends,

  21. My female cat looks a lot like Pete, he is so cute

  22. Keeping you in our purrayers Pete!


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