Pete and Little Isis -  walking on the back of the love seat in our apartment.
They have discovered that if they get up on the end table next to the love seat, they can transverse through most of the entire apartment without ever walking on the floor!
From where they are now, they can jump to the coffee table, then up over the couch, step onto my desk, and then it's a short leap onto the island in the kitchen, from where they can beg for treats or Little Isis can sit in the sink and wait for me to turn on the tap for her.
When I placed the furniture, it certainly wasn't with a feline pedestrian track in mind, but it makes me smile to watch them get around the place this way!
Have a great weekend!
~Not The Mama

Mo and The Purries


  1. My two 13 yr old cats are amazed at Pete and Isis' skills and fitness.

  2. We are furry impurressed with Pete and Little Isis' travels! Is the carpet not soft enough for them?

  3. I spent last weekend moving my furniture around with my husband about 12 times because my cats,fish and my view of the windows were all factors. You probably did have your cats in the back of your head when placing your furniture. Have a great weekend.

  4. I do sometimes walk on the back of furniture. But you guys have really cool furniture to walk on.

  5. Aww great our kids are having fun and upgrade their skills hehe
    look at pete he is like ( Oi what you got for me ) lol god i love them <3


    with love

  6. Pete and Isis look so cute together!

    I see from the comment above that Eyad loves the kittehs, too. That makes me feel happy.

  7. Is there something wrong with the carpet? Just kidding! I think it's cool they've figured out how to get around the house without touching the ground.

  8. Great photo! We cats are great at leaping!

  9. We had to stop by to say thank you. Check out what mom did for us because of you.

  10. A very cute photo hunt picture.

  11. Awesome picture. Backs of sofas and chairs are great places for kitty walks.

  12. Those two kitties keep getting more & more cute!! Kitties are pretty smart at seeing how furniture works to their advantage. It's part of their charm :) How can we resist them?


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