Finally Friday!

Finally Friday Jaz
  • Sorry, no new pics of the Foster Twins yet - but last night got them a new, larger litter box.  Once filled, Bella jumped in and was like, "Yay, a sandbox, let's dig in!"
  • The air conditioner is not working in the shop today, so Isis is home upstairs and Jaz is in his cave downstairs. And I'm sweating in the middle.
  • Got a coupon in the mail from PetSmart = Buy 24 cans of Fancy Feast or Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys and get one jug of Tidy Cats Scoop litter FREE.  I don't use Fancy Feast - but a for someone who does, a jug of FREE litter is a good deal.  If you want me to snail mail it to you, send an email to purr2dream at gmail dot com and I'll pop it into the mail.
  • Have a great Friday!

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Mo and The Purries


  1. is it Tidy Cat's crystals litter? that's what I use.

  2. Bella sounds like Barney - more interested in playing in the litter than using it for its actual purpose! Hope the AC gets fixed soon!

  3. Oh we are so sorry your air isn't working. That is horrible!

  4. Sending cool purrs your way!

  5. We agree with Cory an' are sending cooling purrs your way. Concatulations on the successful capture. You are good, kind, an' generous, Not the Mama! Babies in need are fortunate to find you.


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