Shhh ~ don't tell anyone!

I don't want my infamous House Panther reputation to get tarnished or anything, but this afternoon I was snuggling with my little brother Jack. I even licked his ears and his feet, and let him lick my chin.
You may think it's cuz he's such a soft warm cuddlebum, especially when he's sleeping, as you can see in the pic below - but I'll share a secret just with you: it's cuz I know he's going to Dr. Butts on Monday to get his Hoo-Haa's SNIPPED.
Bwhahahaaaa! Enjoy your goodie-bag while it's full, Jack-o!
Meow for now,

sleeping jack

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Mo and The Purries


  1. Aww, poor Jack! And snuggling with your little bro doesn't tarnish your House Panther rep at all Isis. :)xxx

  2. Sometimes even I snuggle with Gemini... so don't worry about it!

  3. Snuggling is okay Isis, especially when the hyperactive one is asleep. Jack might even be better at snuggling after his little excursion on Monday,


    Gypsy & Tasha

  4. Don't mind Isis Jack ;)
    You will be fine. Maybe Isis will still want to cuddle with you ;) heehee
    Purrs Mickey

  5. That is an adorable photo. Uh-oh for getting the hoo-haa snipped. Run, run for your life!

  6. aw Jackie
    he will be ok
    let me know honey about meh little boy
    i love us xxx

  7. All good things come to an end...

  8. Tell Jack dat maybe de'll grow back someday. Like teeth.

    Thank you for coming to my new blog. I been reading you already 'cause my Mom and your notthedadday are friends on facesbook an we always wanna know whats going on with Jack an Bella an everyone else.

  9. Oh Isis, you are such a meany to Jack. All of us boy kitties have to have this done.

  10. Hide Jack, Hide! You'll be safe in that little box in the corner. Be sure to shut the little door so she can't see you.

  11. Jack, don't let Isis scare you. All us guys are minus our hoo-has and it's not really such a bad thing. After a few days of rest you'll be fine.

    George & Max


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