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Hello everyone,
Today is a sad day. It started with me getting out of the apartment, only to be told that there really is NO more work place for me to go to - ever! Then some strange dude tromped down the stairs and scared me!
When NTM and I went into the apartment, he got out suitcases! While Chloe and Daphne love to lie on suitcases and get in 'em if they can, I knew something was UP!
Then NTM told us that today iDaddy is going away for a while.
No fair! He just got here!
I think he's smart enough, he doesn't need University, but NTM says different. 

In other news, my allergy shot seems to be working - the itchy spots around my neck are healing, and I am not scratching all the time. Dr. Butts said that when it starts to snow, my allergies should get more better. I hope so, I don't wanna have to go back for another shot!
Bella and Jack are in the half-grown crazy kitten stage (you know, the one I never grew out of!) and Jack doesn't know it yet, but when I went to get my allergy shot, I overheard NTM schedule an appointment with Dr. Butts for next week for Jacko. Say good-bye to your hoo-ha's, buddy!
Everyone else here is just about the same - Daphne and I really enjoyed iDaddy's visit and don't want him to go, but Spooker will be happy to get HER pillow back on the bed next to NTM.
And Jazper still needs a Forever Home. Unfortunately, he just will NOT get along with Daphne and Chloe and Spooker, and now he and Pete are fighting, too. NTM says when he is back from taking iDaddy to the National Airport, he will focus on finding a Forever Home for Jaz. Anyone out there know of a Home where he can be an Only Kitty?
iDaddy has been trying to teach NTM just how to smack my butt the way I like it, but NTM just doesn't get it that I like it rough. I'm really gonna miss my iDaddy!!!
Meow for now,

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  1. Hi, Isis....we are very happy to meet you....and look forward to getting acquainted with you and your beans. purrrrrrsssssss

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  3. Oh Isis, that is too bad about your work place, and your idaddy leaving :(......we are sorry to hear that.

  4. we is sorry that idaddy is going away for a while.

  5. Hi Isis - it sounds like you are all having a rough time - first the store closing, iDaddy leaving and Jaz having so many problems. I hope NTM can find a single cat forever home for Jaz soon - it will help everyone involved.

  6. I'm sorry you has a sad, Isis. When will your iDaddy get to come back? I hope soon!

  7. What beautiful eyes you have, Isis!
    We are sorry to hear iDaddy is leaving already. We sure hope he is able to come back soon!

  8. Sorry to heres your bad news :(

    Hopes Jazper gets a furever home soons...

    Hav a greats days!


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