Jaz Needs A New Forever Home

Jazper Needs A Forever Home

After much consideration, and many, many attempts at integrating Jaz with the rest of the Purries, a decision has been made to officially begin searching for a New Forever Home for the Jaz Man.
He needs to be in an Only Cat Home.
Please feel free to repost this graphic on your blog and add a link to http://tabbyjazper.blogspot.com

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Mo and The Purries


  1. Oh it is too bad that Jazper just isn't fitting in with the rest of the group. We are going to post it at our blog and at the NKC blog.

  2. Oh, how sad. We aren't sure if you're kidding, but sometimes this happens. We hope you have no problem finding Jaz a good home.

  3. We'll miss seeing Jazper's face, but we will pass on the word. I hope he finds a wonderful purrie-less home soon!

  4. No kidding here.
    This was a very difficult decision to make. Trying to do it with a sense of humor, but unfortunately, it's no joke.

  5. How is he with kids? I'll put the word out.

  6. Marilyn,
    He's good with kids so long as they don't pull his tail!
    He does love people.

  7. No other cats at all? hmm I will ask around

  8. Awww...there's a family out there for him, I just know it! :)

  9. Pixel - he does okay around some kittens. He and Isis are still buds because she grew up around him, and she doesn't put up with any of his "alpha" tendencies.
    He is sometimes okay with Bella, but he can be very rough when playing with her, and when she goes 'submissive' sometimes he attacks.
    I simply think he would be best as an only-cat, which I know will be challenging to find. But in the long run, I think it's best for him.

  10. So sorry you will have to let Jazper go=I know this is painful for you...He is a beautiful boy and I know you are doing the best for him=that's what makes you such a great Dad.

  11. We know that had to be a very difficult decision to make, Mo. We will be crossing our paws, and our mamabug will be praying that you find the perfect new home for him

  12. Well, if this were a "no cat" place...

  13. Good luck Jaz. I'm very much an onlycat, too, so I understand.

  14. Oh noes...poor Jazper. We feel bad for him.


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