The Purries and the Cat Mint

This week, we got a special gift in the mail: some fresh vacuum-sealed cat mint.

It was a gift for Spooker, but she reluctantly shared it with the other Purries.
Here are some cat mint action shots. Chloe and Daphne rolling in the 'mint:

chloe and daphne rolling in the mint

Bella braves the bed (and Spooker's wrath) to roll in the cat mint (those are Daphne's legs on the right):

legs of cat mint

Daphne rolls in the 'mint.  Chloe is chewing on some, and Spooker is stretching out, enjoying the buzz:


And in the living room, I rubbed some of the cat mint onto a 'nip cigar.  Pete decided that worked just right:


As for the rest of the Purries: Little Isis grabbed a leaf of the cat mint and zipped under the bed lickety-split so I couldn't get a photo of her, Jack just wondered what all the fuss was about, and Jazper - who is the world's biggest 'nip head - well, it turns out he could care less about cat mint.  So he got a favorite toy that was rolled in some dried 'nip.
Thanks again to Laure from The Misadventures of Me for sending us the lovely cat mint in the mail!

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Mo and The Purries


  1. These pictures are hilarious. Daphne looks like she's about to say, "Dude, I totally want tacos." I'll have to see about getting some mint for Wendell.

  2. Anonymous9:48 AM

    LOL @ Tacos... I can *SO* see that!

  3. How lucky are you !!!

  4. We'll send a bag of Cheetos. I think you are going to need it!

  5. Kind of reminds you of the 70's, doesn't it?

  6. heh, heh. We think someone should market a nip toy that looks like a doobie...can we say that? Great pictures!

  7. Great, funny photos of your adorable babies=it looks like a really fun cat mint party!!...We are going to have to try that sometime...Happy Saturday friends...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  8. I'm glad that everyone got their favorite herb and was able to relax!

  9. We is goin to send the mom out soon to harvest sum nip - we already has a huge plant of it! Dis time we'll dry it first then send sum of bof so all can enjoy.


  10. HA HA HA!!!! Oh you guys are priceless!! We wish cat mint worked so well for us!

  11. Looks like great times! Mmmm, cat mint!

  12. We loved the photos. It was like "Ooh, Dood, have you ever actually FELT yer own claws? Like, that is so totally cool. No?, well try "NOT FEELIN" them... Pass another leafs over...".


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