Custom Cat Chimes Available

Hello cat lovers!
Many of you know that I create One Of A Kind Wind Chimes.
I recently got in some more wood pieces
 to create custom chimes.
Pictured are the three cat styles I got in.

These would be used as the chimes' anchor,
which is the part that catches the breeze,
similar to the chime pictured below:


What's great about these laser-cut pieces is that I can custom color-coordinate them to whatever color scheme you had in mind for a chime.  After painting the wood, I triple varnish it so it can be outside.
And my chimes are made with nylon-coated jewelry wire for strength and durability.
You can read some of my customer reviews in the sidebar of the BellisiMo Chimes site, if you want.
The two oval discs are about 4" long and the heart is 2"
Custom chimes start at about $20, depending on what kind of beads you want to use -- plastic beads are standard, gemstones are more expensive.  I also have a butterfly, a Kokopelli, and an angel in the wood cuts that can go into a custom chime, if you don't want a cat-themed one.
And if a less expensive chime is more appealing to you, I have ten on sale right now at Etsy for $5 each!
Let me know what you think,

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Mo and The Purries


  1. We are looking for a kitty themed nightlight. Any sources?

  2. OH.....I have to have one of these cat wind chimes! Can you email me?



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