Nap Basket Pete

Nap Basket Pete

Remember the basket we got Pete for his Gotcha Day?  We're calling it the Nap Basket now.  We worked it into the bottom of the DVD tower next to the TV, and everyone seems happy with its place.
Here's Pete, enjoying a nap.
And in the next picture, you can see Pete in the basket again, but this picture made me laugh because I didn't even see Jackie until after I snapped the photo!


Pete's not the only one with 'highbeams' in the house!

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Mo and The Purries


  1. awwwwww my kiddoes i love us so much
    i am soo happy they love that basket its soo cute <3
    thanks NTM for all love and care for us <3

  2. Nap must be the word of the day. Right now my MAC's are sacked out on the big king size bed while I type. Both of them are snoring away. Wish I wasn't too lazy to go get the video camera! Hi from the beach!

  3. So cute and that looks like a perfect place for the basket to go - a little overhead protection is always nice when you nap to avoid any sneak attacks from above!

  4. What a very cool nap basket you have!

  5. Ha! We like it when we have a suprise kitty in the frame...

    That's a great nappin' basket, and a great spot for it. A Cat can kinda keep an eye out on what's going on from there!

  6. That is ONE PRIMO nap basket!

    An we LOVE seein Jackie peekin aroun the corner...

  7. Pete looks relaxed and happy in his Gotcha Day basket; love Jack's lasers...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  8. LAWL at Jack! He looks like a ghost kitty.
    Great nappin basket.


  9. We're lovin' those high beams!

  10. How adorable!!! Lurking just around the corner.......lasers on!


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