Cat Grass Monday

Cat Grass Buffet

Since we've been in Florida, NTM has been growing some cat grass for us out in the front courtyard of our new house.  We don't get to go out there (there are two kitties from next door who get to be out there but not us!), but NTM has some flowers there and he grows us some cat grass to nom on inside.
He doesn't like the mess we make on the sisal rug, but we sure love that grass!
NTM wants to know if any of our blogger friends have any catnip or catmint seeds out there that they could send us - he wants to try growing some of those for us, too!  If you do, we can send you our snail mail address.  Our email address is Purr2Dream at
Thanks!  Now to get back to nomming some grass!
Nom Nom Nom
The Purries
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  1. aw meh kids
    we Love our NTM
    hugs and kisses
    iDaddy ♥

  2. Daddy got us a PRIMO live catnip plant at Lowe's! NTM might try there...

  3. Katnip Lounge - thanks for the idea! I'm trying to buy as few plants as possible right now, after my extended bought with unemployment, so was hoping for some seeds from generous cat bloggers who'd had some in their gardens this year. :)

  4. Ours died and the bad Mommy didn't get any seeds off of it. We tried to find some at the nursery but they didn't have any so we has our paws crossed that ours will either come back in the spring or that the Mom will buy us a new plant. She knows they will have it this spring.

  5. We don't have any but we are sure there have to be some bloggers out there that have some - so many grow catnip. We don't (bad mom) but we know a lot do - good luck getting some!

  6. We grow catnip and catmint.
    Since our climates are now the same, you can too.
    I do have packages of both catnip and catmint, organic, of course.
    Would be happy to send them to your kitties.
    Love & Purrs,
    Mom ML & KC & Bunch

  7. Yummy catgrass!

    We're glad KC's mom has some seeds for you; our catnip is dead, dead, dead.

  8. Our Mom bought a fresh nip plant at PetSmart, but she's never grown it...You guys look like you're loving the cat grass=NTM did a great job!...Happy week, sweet friends...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  9. Enjoy your cat grass! I hope you get some good old catnip--I know the Hotties Mom grew some for awhile but I don't know if she still has seeds.

  10. Cat grass is nom nom nom!

  11. Wow, the cat grass looks soo yummy! We think we should get some too, we're going to tell our Mummy to try and grow some.
    Purrrs, Keiko, Kenji, Pricilla & Yuji

  12. Anonymous7:19 PM

    kitties need their greens, too!

  13. I see ML and KC came through for you! Yay!

  14. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Sorry we can't be of any help. We're quite hissed off at mom for never even ATTEMPTING to grow us cat ANYTHING!~

  15. You're all so cute!

    I don't have any catnip tips, but I do want to thank you for all the cool photos posted on your blog:).

    Being so photogenic, you should get Not The Mama to submit your pictures to the Lifetime photo contest. I'm trying to let all my favorite cats know because it ends on October 14th.

    For more details, check out:

    Thanks and best of luck from a big fan!

  16. That grass looks good!
    Mom has bought catnip at places like Lowe's and Walmart or stores that have patio areas. The Boyz eat ours, so we have to buy it already dried.
    Hope you can find some to grow!
    ~ Anna Sue

  17. We have 2 Nip plants, but neither of them made seeds...

  18. Hey, pretty soon I'll be able to send you some weed seeds - if the new law passes! (Just joking - for those who don't know me....)
    I used to grow grass for the boys (birds). The 'tiel loves broccoli.
    Hope you guys get some good nip!

  19. Wowie, all of you like that grass! Harley is a regular lawn mower with the cat grass, but I refuse to eat a single blade.

  20. We had a HUGH catnip harvest but neglected to save any seeds. There's some new catnip plants growing. I'll check to see if I can gather any seeds. Will let you know here or on FB....Kareen


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