Portrait of Isis

Isis Portrait

Here's another picture from the impromptu photo session I had with Isis on the dining table earlier in the week.  
Of course, as I post this, I haven't seen her this morning.  She didn't come out for morning treats time, and the only reason I'm not panicking is that I saw her right before bed last night so I know she's in the house somewhere.
Unless she's teleported over to your place today.  Check your cabinets and closets for a pair of glowing amber eyes, that's how I usually spot her.  
Have a great weekend from me and the rest of The Purries (the ones who are now having their mid-morning post-Temptations naps).  

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Mo and The Purries


  1. this is charming!

    okay those were mom's words :-P
    She thinks this would be pretty printed out and framed in a nice muted green frame... whaddeverrr

    bonks to all of you in FLA

  2. You have the GLOWIEST eyes!

  3. The Woman always worries about stuff like that. Mostly here it is Gemini who does that!


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