POTD: Daphne's Eye

daphne's eye

Grayson & Gandalf's mom has started a Photo Of The Day (POTD) group on Flickr: Cat's Photo of the Day.  We  joined to post a picture a day of The Purries.  Today's POTD is of Daphne.
If you're a cat blogger who's on Flickr and want an invite to this Flickr group, send us an e-mail.
This picture is also in NTM's Flickr group Sepia Scenes.  If you have sepia-toned pictures and want to post them in this Flickr group, just join the group on Flickr and post one a day.

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Mo and The Purries


  1. That is a very striking photo, worthy of enlarging and painting, too!

  2. Very nice. Of course, the Woman is resisting getting on flickr too...she says blogging, twittering, facebook and linkedin are far more than enough!

  3. Very artistic photo, Daphne!


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