POTD: Get that mousie, Chloe!

kick it, chloe
It's amazing to me, as I look at the pictures of Chloe as a kitten this week, that soon Daphne and Chloe will be celebrating their fifth birthday.  I was there the day they were born, and visited frequently during their first eight weeks at my friend Kathleen's house when they were with their siblings.  I spent their first night at their new home in the guest room with them, so they weren't alone -- it took Spooker a while to acclimate to the fact that there were intruders in the house (she's never forgiven me for that!).  I've loved every day I've got to spend with them, but you can't deny the joy of kitten pics!  I have one more to share tomorrow, then we'll end a week of Chloe pictures (for her new boyfriend, Beau) with another contemporary pic.
Hope you're having a great week,
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  1. Get the mousie! Get the mousie!!!

  2. Chloe is really gettin on that mousie!

  3. Oh just look at her, she's giving that mousie such a good killing!

    Whicky Wuudler


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