Grimble Update

So, other than eating and using the litter box, Grimble hadn't shown much interest in anything the past few days.  He does like to be held, which surprised me, being that he was feral and was SO resistant to being caught initially.  He's enjoyed some cuddle times with me the past few evenings, and has a gentle purr.  He really likes his head being scratched.
The thing that worried me was his eyes, and his lack of interest in anything play-related.  His eyes are a bit crossed, and they were cloudy.  I hoped it was just his dehydration that caused the cloudiness, and have been mixing a bit of water into his wet food twice a day to ensure he was getting extra water.
Last night, his eyes looked clearer, and instead of a cat toy, I tried a shred of a paper napkin instead.  He could definitely follow the motion of the 'toy' with his eyes, and he showed interest in it.  He perked up after a few minutes, and even wandered around a bit on the couch and jumped over to the coffee table.  He got within a few inches of Isis and Bella, who'd been watching him.  Of course, then Bella hissed, and Grimble decided that it was time to go back into his safety zone, and he got some more stinky goodness.  
He's still so thin and tiny, so I don't want him out and around the rest of the Purries yet, especially Pete, but we're making progress.

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Mo and The Purries


  1. Mo, did the vet check his eyes when he was giving Grimble the once over? I can't help wondering if there maybe a problem ~ but I don't know much about these things. I so hope Grimble continues to eat and thrive ~ and playing is a good sign.
    Thank you for all you are doing to help this little one.

    Jan xx
    Purrs from Milo and Alfie xx

  2. Sounds like little Grimble was rescued at the right time :) We hope hie eyesight will not be affected. It sounds like he really needs the close,cuddle time as it seems to make him feel secure(like his mama kitty would) We purr very hard that he continues to thrive. Purrs to you Mo
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  3. Our purrs to Grimble! May he heal in the loving home he has found.

  4. When Arty first came to live with us all she wanted to do was sleep in her carrier, eat and lay in my lap when I visited her. This lasted about two weeks and then she started playing. So maybe the little guy just needs time to recuperate and enjoy being pampered. Fingers crossed that everything is OK with him.

  5. We are still purring fur Grimble.We hopes he continues to improve. Purrs and gentle headbutts.

  6. Poor baby, probably needs to regain his strength after all he's been through. We will continue our purrs for him.

  7. oh, mo, you know we're purrin' fur the li'l guy--if ennybean kin heal him up wif spoilin' an' good foods an' lovin' support, it's you!! we knows the purries haff tole him what a great NTM you are!

  8. Yay for progress! I dropped by to check on herwhoisreallyahim. :)

  9. We are glad Grimble is getting some good snuggle time (sounds like he's figured out it's pretty nice). We will keep on purring and praying for him to get better.

  10. Purrs to Grimble. Sniffie had a cloudy eye from an eye infection when she was a baby. She got drops every day for it and could see just fine.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  11. It sounds like he is just still very weak. He will likely perk up as he starts feeling better, and might beat the snot out of the other poodins. (Maybe...)

    Luf, Us


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