Jack In The Tower

Jack In The Tower by morgen1967
Jack In The Tower, a photo by morgen1967 on Flickr.

I wrapped the post of the cat tower in sisal rope - it came covered in carpet and The Purries had worn it out - and put up a new feather toy, too.
Of course, the feather toy is attracting more attention. The sisal rope from Lowes has a weird oily smell that I hope dissipates quickly - perhaps spraying it with catnip spray will help?
Either way, the post looks so much better now than having carpet threads (that Jack liked to chew) sticking out. And I was worried that he'd swallow some of those loose carpet bits!
Here's Jack in the tower, demonstrating his favorite position to play with the feather toy!

Mo and The Purries


  1. We love your blog and enjoyed our first visit. Sisal on the tower seems to work best all around, we've found.
    Fevvers and the sisal, looks like a pretty good combo!


  2. Fev-vers always beat out anything else around here!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  3. From here it looks like new! Did you just wrap it or is it attached to the pole too?

  4. You gave that cat tower new life!!

  5. Looks great! What a good idea.

  6. I say paws up to spraying that sisal with catnip spray!


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