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Shark 2-in-1 Cordless Stick Vac and Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, SV800\VX63

This is my second Shark Stick Vac - the first one's battery lasted less than a year.
After reading online that Shark allegedly revamped the battery, I got a new one. Previously, the battery removed and charged separately. Now the battery is screwed in and you have to charge it (for 24 hours between uses) next to the plug. This means your vacuum is always in view. That would be bad enough, but the battery just does not hold a charge. When I first got it, it would vacuum the whole house.  Gradually, the battery life is less every day - and I try to vacuum frequently.   I've had this model for less than three months, and now I can't even get one room completed - in a very tiny house!  So frustrating.
Not worth the money.
The good things about this vac: the size, weight, and ease of emptying the canister.  When it has a charge, it  does suck up pet hair well.  
BUT - a vacuum should last more than 3 months!
This was NOT a sponsored review - just my opinion!
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  1. I ♥ my Dyson. I have 4 cats and 2 parents living with me. I need a serious vacuum. Well worth the money I paid for it 6 years ago. It doesn't use bags, has a Hepa filer that you clean every 6 months and is absolutely effortless to use. Everyday. And the price has come don about $200 since I bought mine. I would definitely buy another one and highly recommend them.

    The end. :)

  2. A Dyson is way out of my budget, so I've been wanting something lightweight and with good pick-up ability. Apparently this isn't it!

  3. Anonymous6:05 PM

    LOL - I would kinda bet this wasn't a sponsored review. None of the re-chargeable vacs seem to last very long. We have hard floors so the Swiffer Vac works well and they are very inexpensive and they last pretty well - a year and a half to two years more or less. But we do have an area rug and I've wanted something light weight to use for that - haven't found any thing yet...

  4. We haf the same problems. Mom has a Rainbow and it's just too much trubble. Thanks fur the review. They really do help. xoxo

  5. We HATE vacs ~ but mom might find this helpful!

    Love Milo and Alfie-pants. xx


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