Pete Eats Treats

Mr Pinky Nose by morgen1967
Mr Pinky Nose, a photo by morgen1967 on Flickr.
I finally got some sleep last night, so I wasn't watching Pete every minute - so I don't know if he ate overnight. But this morning, he wolfed down a handful of Temptations. After a few days of cautiously nibbling on cheese flavored Friskies Party Mix, it was a relief to see him going after the Temptations.
He shows no interest in the Rx food prescribed to him, even after I warm it (don't worry, it's not going to waste, Bella is snarfing it down after Pete turns up his nose at it).  But at least he's eating something, just not the something that Dr Jackie would prefer him to be eating!
He shows no sign of fever now, and he's gone back to his regular duty of accompanying me to the bathroom every time. Good to have the Pee Chaperone back!
Thanks again to everyone for the continued thoughts, purrs, and prayers!

Mo and The Purries


  1. We are glad you are getting better Mr. Pete! Is he interested in his regular food. Some cats (like Chey) will only eat what is familiar and hate new foods being introduced--I think it's because her breeder would hide meds in treats.

  2. We would try for his regular food too. That prescription stuff can be pretty bland or off-putting. And better he's consuming calories than only eating treats!

    Continued purrs and purrayers from us.

  3. Yay Pete, Yay, Pete, Yay, Pete!

  4. We say eating ANYTHING is good....and we have been known to reject the yucky prescription stuff too!!

  5. Sure good to hear that you are doing well Pete. Hope you get used to that terrible food. We were really worried about you. Take care and dig into that funny food.

  6. So glad for this post... if anything would get them to eat, it would have to be their Temptations!!!
    We're still purring like mad for Pete.
    Love & Purrs,
    Mom ML, KC & Kitties

  7. Eat, Pete, Eat, then Repeat!

    Have you tried dropping some Temptations onto (or mixing into) Pete's food? Can't hurt to try. But we're with the others, whatever he eats is fine right now.

  8. Yes! Eating anything is waaay preferable to nothing. What brand/variety of Rx food is it? Sometimes a different brand or type will take their fancy.

    Laura and Taffy

    P.S. Taffy hasn't been feeling well either. I'm hand feeding her; waiting for the test results from the V-E-T.

  9. Yay, Pete! It's hard to say NO to Temptations!! We hope you continue to improve!

  10. I'm glad you're feeling better, Pete! It would be nice if there was some cat food you would agree to eat, but I understand, being a lifetime picky eater myself.

  11. So GLAD Pete is eating!! Doesn't matter what! Time to spoil him. Did you ever find out what was wrong?

  12. Go, Pete, go! We are so happy that you seem to be on the upswing! We are sending continued purrs and prayers!

  13. Good to hear Pete is feeling better! We hope he starts eating real food soon. The human is laughing at NTM's post because I, 'Kaika, am also a Pee Chaperone! I take my job seriously, too.

  14. go, PETE!!! back on the job and with the cutest pink nose efur--move ofur, Rudolph!!

  15. Way to go, Pete! Now is the time to convince the human that you need a Temptations diet. I wouldn't eat my prescription food after the second day, either, but I finally would eat Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys. Maybe you can find a food that Pete will eat.



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