Pete Update

sleepy pete by morgen1967

sleepy pete, a photo by morgen1967 on Flickr.
Pete is still at the clinic, for IV fluids and observation of his temperature. It spiked several times overnight and had not stabilized within the normal range by this morning. Right now it is at 102ยบ F, which is high 'normal' for cats, so hopefully after a few more hours of fluids it will stabilize with no more spikes.
My advice - if you take a cat in for a fever, talk about the fever first and NOT about vomiting. I started Pete's story at the clinic with 'two days ago, he vomited' and they've been fixated on this ever since. The overnight clinic has written that he vomited at the day clinic, which the day clinic vet technician tells me he did not, and the day clinic today misread the notes from the night clinic and said that he vomited overnight so I called the night clinic to verify that he did not vomit overnight, that there has been NO vomiting while in either of the clinics, and yet today's vet is still fixated upon giving him anti-vomiting and anti-nausea medication and keeps bringing up 'if vomiting continues'... sheesh!
I finally had to say "FORGET ABOUT VOMITING unless he pukes TODAY while getting the IV fluids!"
No results are in yet from further examination of the X-rays or more detailed blood tests.
I go in later this afternoon to hopefully bring him home. I'll update then.
THANK YOU to everyone on facebook, here in Blogger, and in the Cat Blogosphere for your continued thoughts, prayers, and PURRS for our Peter.

(and iDaddy and The Purries say THANK YOU, too!)

Mo and The Purries


  1. Hugs to you, dear...

  2. Get better Pete! I'm Purring for you.

  3. Milo and Alfie are PURRing like mad for Pete, and I am sending love and healing. Get well soon sweet boy.

    love Jan xx

  4. We are still purring and sending hugs and love to all of you.
    Love & Purrs,
    KC & Mom ML

    pee ess: Don't you hates it when they fixate on an old, unimpawtant detail like that. Good for you, telling them to "FORGET....". Sheesh.
    Me and mine brofurs and sisfurs can telerport over if needed! ~KC

  5. Lots of purrs and hugs. Ducky had a fever last March but thankfully responded promptly to subQ and anti-inflamitory and antibiotics. Hope Pete does too.

  6. Grrrr. Such confusion! Vets and doctors do not always keep good notes and yet it's so important to the patients.

    Hope Pete will be back home today where he can rest and you can keep an eye on him yourself.

  7. Poor Petey!

    Perhaps you have the wrong Vet?

    Fever suggests infection. Are they giving him more than just fluid in his IV? ... antibiotics seems sensible.

  8. Just hate it when the vet staff heads down a path you know is wrong but will not listen to you because you're not a vet...he is your cat and you know him better than anyone on this or no vet! Continuing to pray for sweet Pete...and you! Hang in there and keep us posted.

  9. Sorry to hear that Pete hasn't been well. I hope everything turns out OK.

  10. I've had that sort of focus on the wrong thing come up too--hopefully they'll work on what needs to work on. Sounds good that he has a normal temp right now--. Good deal-

    Purring from us kitties.

  11. Hugs an purrs to NTM an Petey! BTW, don't those vets know, CATS YAK. Geesch, if anyone fixatified on efurry time Bonnie yaked, they'd haf an encyclosaurus on cat yak.
    Purrs an purrayers, Victor, Nina, an Tabbymom Jen

  12. I'm so sorry that Petey is feeling poorly. Harley and I are keeping him in our thoughts and purrs!

  13. loves and purrs to the whole fambly--and an extra dose to our sweet petey!

  14. Purrs for Pete..

  15. ((((Mo)))) and Purrs for Pete!

  16. Just checking back in.
    Still sending lotsa purrs to Pete.
    And huggs and love to NTM, iDaddy & Purries.

  17. We are sending lots of healing purrrs to little Pete. And comforting purrs to you and the rest of the family.

    We hope he is getting antibiotics; infections don't always show up in bloodwork.

    Laura and Taffy

  18. I really do not want to be mean, but it sounds more like a human clinic than an animal clinic. You must be so terribly frustrated! We send our best wishes for Pete and you all.

  19. We are still purring for Pete here - do keep us posted!


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