Little Isis and the Feather-butt Rattle Mousie

Yesterday, you got to see us opening our Secret Paws package from The Island Cats.  You saw me in the first picture, but not in the second two... why?  Because once the box was opened, I snagged a feather-butt rattle mousie and went under the Christmas tree with it to play!
As you can see, I really love that mousie and thoroughly deaded it, as you can see below.
Thanks to Wally and Ernie and Zoe for the pawsome gifts!
~ Little Isis

Mo and The Purries


  1. It certainly looks like you are having a fun time!

  2. The best mousie is a deaded one! Great pics.

  3. Oh, I think that mousie could be killed a few more times!

  4. Your mousie look pretty fancy !
    I like it's tail ; )
    Have Fun, Isis !

  5. So cute mousie you have!


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