On Top of the Fridge

Since one of Little Isis's first symptoms when she got sick was favoring her tender right rear leg, the vet said we should temporarily discourage her to getting up to really high places.  Well, one of her favorite hidey holes is on top of the refrigerator, behind the crock pot box.  I had moved the box to the edge of the fridge, to try to discourage her from jumping up there.
This morning, I heard some scrambling.  It was Isis, trying to scale the side of the refrigerator, unhappy that her hidey hole and perch access was blocked.  I figured if she was feeling well enough to get up there, then she had to really want up there.
So I moved the box back and un-blocked the hole.  I lifted her up there, and gave her a handful of Blue Bag Only treats.  Once she got settled in, she ate almost all of the treats!  It's so great to have her not only wanting to be in her regular places again, but to see her eating.
We're still waiting for test results.  One vet who saw her wanted to do one test (multi-organ function), the other wanted to do another (heart disease), and I insisted on the Hemobart test (it was the only thing that fits 100% of both her AND Pete's illness - and their recoveries!).  Will keep you up-dated when I get results from the vets.
Thanks to everyone for the comments and purrs and prayers, both here on the blog and on facebook.  

Mo and The Purries


  1. Sounds like Little Isis is feeling much better! Good news that and I hope that the tests results are good news also!

  2. good to hear this news, and to see that the diminutive divine one is up (!) and about!!

  3. Aw so glad my minion is ok
    and she loves that cave hehehe
    Love you all my kids

  4. Yeah little Isis! We are glad you are feeling better. Have you found a vet you like better than the one who thinks a four year old is geriatric?

  5. It sounds like Isis is feeling better - please keep us posted!

  6. Good to hear that Isis is feeling better :)
    WE purr the test results will be good.
    We want that little cutie pie to be well!!!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  7. Sounds good! Thanks fur keeping us posted. We'll keep our motors running. xoxo

  8. We are glad ta hear that Little Isis is feeling more active and is hungry again!

  9. Wanting up high and food is very good news. We're hoping that the test results give further great news. We are purring for little Isis, the minion!


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